New Technology: Interactive Whiteboards Make Kids Smarter

Okay, so perhaps I'm a bit late to the show. My oldest just started kindergarten and until the other day,  I had no idea that most schools in America had moved away from the "chalk and talk" blackboard teaching model to erasable whiteboards. (Agreed: screeching nails on a blackboard is never a good thing.)


But did you hear about the new wave of interactive whiteboards, essentially giant computer touchscreens, in classrooms? They're fabulous. Think John King of CNN's magic map of blue and red states, all moveable by a touch of the hand. According to Newsweek, in the UK, where 70 percent of elementary and middle school kids have them, students made the equivalent of five months additional progress in math. Uh, as American kids continue to fall behind in math and science, maybe we could use more of these here. Do your kids have whiteboards of any type in their classrooms?

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