10 Thoughts Moms Have On the First Day of Kindergarten

kids walking to schoolKindergarten! That magical time in a mom's life when the kid's are being watched over without having to pay a zillion dollars in child care. (If it's public school, of course.) And there is learning, too! It's not just you who can help them to write the letter "e" the right way instead of backwards and upside down. We have raised them the age where it is socially acceptable to allow them to spread those wings and fly away from the nest. We rejoice when they return to us in one piece though with curious smudge marks in parts unmentionable because that means we've done a good job of getting them to this point in their lives.

Ah, yes. School time is here. The kids are smiling in their new clothes and cute little backpacks. But our heads are spinning. Here are 10 thoughts moms have on the first day of kindergarten.

  1. How in the heck is my baby old enough for kindergarten?! Where did the time go? I was just cursing out the stinky diaper genie and now my once little one is wiping her butt herself (sort of).
  2. Oh gosh. This means high school is going to be here in what feels like a nanosecond! No parent is ever ready for high school. I know my baby is only 5 but if 5 came this quick, then 10 will be here super quick, followed by the blink that will put them at whatever age they are in high school. You know, depending if they are uber-smart and skip grades or get left behind. But whatever. Each kid will get there at their at their own pace but whatever pace that is, it is still too fast for us parents who have come to the awful realization that as the kid gets older, we do, too. FREEZE TIME. Maybe our kid will invent the freeze time machine and we will not only glow with pride, but youthfulness as well.
  3. I really hope they don't become friends with that bully kid all the moms at the playground said to stay away from. There is always THAT KID.
  4. Please don't let my kid be THAT KID. The horror!
  5. If my kid is THAT KID, please grant me the patience and the knowledge on how to deal with it the right way.
  6. *Crying* I don't want to have raised a bully.
  7. *Crying more* I don't want my sweet child to be bullied.
  8. I really hope my kid eats that lunch I made. I know I didn't put that much mayo on it for fear the bread would get soggy and I know she loves mayo. Too much mayo is bad anyway. My sad turkey and cheese sandwich is already going to look pathetic next to the quinoa bento box lunch with CSA veggies cup into heart shapes that some kid will most definitely have lovingly packed in an eco-friendly re-useable made from recycled milk jugs container. Do plastic bags recycled from the grocery store count? I hope she doesn't mind that plastic bag.

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  9. I hope they don't tell the teacher about this morning's shrieking incident over what outfit to wear. I'm not proud of the fact that I was slightly upset my daughter didn't want to wear the unicorn dress I bought for her.
  10. Please let them remember to wipe their own butt when they use the bathroom. Many number 2s are followed by an appearance outside the loo with pants at ankles saying "Mommy can you wipe for me?"

Happy first day of school parents (and kids). I hope it went well and these thoughts didn't overpower your day.

Can you relate? What would you add?


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