Depressed About Money This Holiday

moneyIt's bizarre how much of our happiness is connected to money. Even though we all know to count our blessings, relish our health, and appreciate every day with our families, still, somehow empty pockets gets us down. During the holidays--what's supposed to be a time of joy--these depressed feelings are often intensified. Sometimes it just helps to get some perspective by  talking about it with friends.


faithholder shared this in her journal entry, "Just a Christmas Vent." I bet a lot of us understand totally...

Right now I am very depressed...

I have three beautiful kids and this year we have very little money to buy gifts. We have three for each under the tree and it breaks my heart to think they probably won't get anymore than that. My husband used to get a Christmas bonus with his last job, sometimes it was over a thousand dollars, and my kids never had to think about what they couldn't have. But now with the economy as bad as it is (I know it is a blessing that he has a job at all), there is just not money for presents. I find myself crying a lot because I feel like I have let my kids down even though we work as hard as we can-- it just doesn't help...

Do the holidays make you feel overwhelmed about your financial situation?

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