School Permission Slip Warns Mom Her Son Might Die on Movie Night (PHOTO)

Back to school means back to rifling through your kids' backpacks for crumpled up permission slips. They're usually no-brainers. Just sign, zip them back up in the bag, and call it a day. Easy peasy. The hardest thing about them is making them look presentable again.

But what if you received a permission slip asking you to sign off on the possibility of your child's untimely death or serious injury? A mom was faced with that dilemma when she got the craziest permission slip you have ever seen. Check it out:


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Okay, we've gotten used to parenting on edge to a degree. As moms, we have a keen sense of smell that sniffs out trouble (or the kid who faked taking his shower). We protect and serve ... that's just how we roll. But contemplating death and serious injury for a school activity? Isn't that a bit much?

Christie Heltzell, the mom who received the permission slip and shared it with The Stir, took it in stride. "So, is there some new sport called Extreme Movie Watching?" she joked. "Otherwise, I am kind of laughing at the disclaimer here."

It is funny. Maybe school administrators are modeling their permission slips on the main character of the movie: Blu. He's a nervous nelly type of bird who is so domesticated he wears a fanny pack, relies on a GPS for directions, and struggles to learn to fly. 

Yeah, the only excuse for this permission slip must be life imitating art. Because any other explanation -- sniffing too much glue, maybe? -- is ridiculously insane.

What would you do if you received this permission slip from your child's school? 


Images via © Eric Audras/PhotoAlto/Corbis; Christie Heltzell

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