25 Creative Lunch Box Ideas for Every School Day of the Month

Back to school means back to packing lunches. Collective sigh. Most of us prefer the chaos that comes along with back to school shopping over lunch menu planning. But that's about to change!

We've got you covered with 25 creative lunch box ideas to start the school year off in a less stressful way. These recipes are fun, kid-friendly, and easy to whip up in your non-existent spare time. Best of all, they will save you from some of your kid's eye rolls and smelly lunch bags. You can thank us later.


1. Hip Foodie Mom swears by her Arugula Pesto Pasta Salad. It's her daughter's favorite and perfect for the lunchbox. If you need it to be nut-free, skip the pine nuts. 

2. Cheesy Pretzel Dippers are genius! They look like magic wands, are easy to prepare, and will definitely serve as a conversation-starter in kidland.

3. California Rollwiches are perfect for kids who would eat their weight in avocados. They're a healthy on-the-go roll-up with turkey and cheese and a simple avocado spread that will make you both smile. 

4. Kids love spaghetti. Try an Asian Pasta Salad to change up the butter-and-cheese or tomato sauce routine.

5. Most kids are pretty impressed with Lettuce Wraps. Why not try serving them up for lunch?

6. Here's another lunch kids will devour: Macaroni and Cheese Muffins. How cute are they? There will definitely be some lunch envy going on at school when your kid starts snacking on these goodies!

7. Texas Caviar is a delicious bean salad that can be altered to your child's taste buds. Some like it a little spicy, others not so much ... but it's always fun to eat!

8. Pizza Wrap Sandwiches should be a staple for lunchboxes this year!

Colorful kid's lunch box

9. Surprisingly, Avocado, Carrot, and Cucumber Sushi doesn't take much time to prepare. Your efforts will be rewarded with a satisfied lunch customer!

10. Kebabs with string cheese, turkey, and fruit are a visually appealing and healthy choice for lunch.

11. Fritters aren't usually healthy ... unless they're filled with zucchini and corn and served with Greek yogurt for dipping. Yum.

12. Homemade Granola Bars are nutritious, satisfying lunch treats that work for breakfast, too.

13. Looking for something quick to warm your kid's belly this winter? Ten-Minute Tomato Soup will do the trick.

14. Sunflower butter and banana sandwiches replace the old PB&J standby.

15. Kids love food in interesting shapes. Utilize your leftover rice with Rice Balls stuffed with veggies. You have a home run!

16. Turkey Pinwheels on whole wheat tortillas are easy to prepare and easy to eat.

17. These Cream Cheese and Jelly Sandwiches are served on rice cakes to keep it crunchy.

18. Shake It Up Chicken Caesar Salad will leave a lasting impression.

19. BLTA Wraps (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado) are a sure-fire lunchbox hit.

20. Israeli Salad is a kid favorite because it looks like confetti. It features cool cucumbers, sweet red peppers, and protein-packed garbanzo beans. You'll love the leftovers.

21. Extreme Granola paired with your kid's favorite yogurt is one of the easiest lunches to pack.

22. Mini Frittatas are a great lunch choice for kids that can be customized to their taste. Other members of your family may grab them for breakfast as well.

23. Your kids will flip over Apple Cartwheels for lunch!

24. End-of-Summer Soup takes advantage of the bounty of vegetables you have on-hand for back-to-school. 

25. Black Bean and Rice Salad is a delicious lunch that packs a great protein punch ... especially for vegetarian kids.

What's your kid's favorite lunch box meal?

Pasta Salad and Mac-and-Cheese Muffins Images via Hip Foodie Mom

Lunchbox image ©iStock.com/piotradamski 

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