7 Weird Remedies Parents Have Fed Their Sniffly, Sick Kids​

Suzee Skwiot | Sep 2, 2014 Big Kid

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Sick kids sometimes call for desperate measures. We'll try anything to give our adorable, miserable little snot-factories some relief from cold viruses that always seem to strike exactly 2.3 weeks after the first day of school. You'd be stunned at some of the wacky, alternative things parents have tried feeding their kids to terminate germs, like, er, um, animal blood. Yes, real uncooked plasma from the veins of creatures from the butcher. 

It was this mom's comment about the animal blood that got us wondering about some of the other strange things moms have given kids when they were sick

Important note here: This post is NOT meant as medical advice. While some may be valid alternative remedies, please for goodness sakes use your sense and don't force any of these on your kid without checking with their doctor first. (Except 1, 6 and 7. And you probably should take a dose of #3 yourself.)

What strange solutions do you have for colds?


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  • Marshmallows


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    One mom always uses it "for really bad sore throats."

    But it does have some legitimate reasons! It turns out that the gelatin within marshmallows actually works to soothe the throat when you swallow, so the coughs are eased. Good move, mom!

  • Vitamin Bomb


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    One little chewable vitamin is not enough for one mom, who recommends "several thousand mg of a B-vitamin and about 6,000 of vitamin D washed down with an Emergen-C + zinc packet and then followed by a huge glass of water. They are confined to their room for 24 solid hours of rest and they are ALWAYS nearly symptom-free a day later."

  • Whiskey Cocktail


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    A little liquid blanket might also do the trick.

    "I mix a bag of spearmints with a fifth of whiskey and cook it down into a syrup and that is our cough medicine around here. It's a family recipe that has been used for generations and it's the best cough medicine I've ever found. Some people use peppermints, but it's just whatever flavor you like better."

  • Onion and Garlic Syrup


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    For ear aches and infections, one mom makes her own garlic/onion concoction: "It is garlic (mashed up) and onion (mashed up) boiled in oil (seriously, any oil will work). Put it through layered cheese cloth to filter out the chunks of garlic and onion. Once it comes out without any pieces, make sure it is room/body temperature (any hotter will cause damage) and drop two to four drops in the ear. It should soothe the ache until the infection runs its course."

  • Apple Cider Vinegar


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    Not just for cooking, but great for belly issues too! "Apple cider vinegar for upset stomach/gas. I also give my kids a spoonful of apple cider vinegar for back talk because they really can't stand the taste!"

  • Jell-O


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    Not sure how it does the trick, but one mom swears by "unset Jell-O."

  • Garlic, Again


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    Yes, garlic is an all-around great cold and flu fighter and one mom mixes it with some sweetness: "minced garlic in warm honey on a spoon."

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