How to Build a 'Sick Day Survival Kit' for Your Kids

Suzee Skwiot | Sep 2, 2014 Big Kid

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When you least expect it, instead of rolling out of bed and getting ready for school, your little kid will start with the sniffles and then you'll know immediately: today is a sick day. So instead of scurrying and figuring out how you'll adjust the plans for the day, have your own ready-made strategy. You need a sick day survival kit.

It takes a little bit of comforting, some distraction, and a lot of entertainment to get the kids through the dreaded day, but it's possible.

Here is what you need to stock up and build your very own sick day survival kit:

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How do you prepare for sick days at home?


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  • Chicken Soup


    Of course, you need the classic. There's a reason why chicken noodle soup is synonymous with sick days. Sure, it's warm and is one of the ultimate comfort foods, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help flush out the system. It's good and good for you. We can get behind that. One of our favorite recipes to keep on hand: Ultimate Flu-Fighting Chicken Noodle Soup.

  • Books


    With a full day home, you'll need some good entertainment. Some never-fail kids' books and funny stories can help distract the kiddos while they get better. So keep it simple. Give them an edition of Calvin & Hobbes or Garfield. As much as they may love it, keep the Harry Potter series for times when they're better able to concentrate and remember all the plot points. 

  • Special Toys


    Just like with the sheets, you want to have a special collection of toys that your child can play with only when they're sick. This way, you know that nothing else has been contaminated and they can go right back in the closet for next time.

  • Popsicles


    They're yummy all the time, but for some reason, popsicles automatically taste better when you're sick. They're cold, count as fluids (hear that, mom?), and are yummy. Perfect snack when kids have the sniffles.

    Here are 10 Homemade Popsicle Recipes Kids Will Devour & Their Parents Will Love Too.

  • A New Movie


    Make the day a little more thrilling by showing your child some good ol' fashioned movies. Leave the new Disney-age stuff for later and let them indulge in the fun childhood movies of your youth. Think: The Princess Bride (which, in itself, is a story for a kid's sick day) or The Sandlot. Fun, funny, and kid-friendly without the massively stimulating animation or action. Perfect for a sick kiddo.

  • Puzzle It


    Again. Simplicity is the motto here. Choose a fun board game or puzzle to play, but not something too involved or frustrating. Sick kids already have a low tolerance level. So something non-competitive like a jigsaw puzzle works perfectly. Spend some time putting together a nice picture (keep it to 100 or so pieces) and celebrate when finished!

  • Bring in the Animals


    Play "Doctor" or "Zoo Keeper" and let your child be in charge of all the wild creatures. This'll keep their imagination active, but let them play with soft, beloved toys all at once.

  • Skype Date


    If your child is missing school during their sick day, don't forget to sprinkle in a little "face-to-face" social time. If you still have to work during the day, keep them occupied by grabbing the laptop and Skyping with grandma. Or let them call their friend when they're back from school to hear about any exciting news from the day. Make sure not to close them off completely (even if they may be quarantined to their bed) and let in a socializing hour.

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