6 Cool Sensory Craft Ideas From Mom Bloggers

child playing with dough

Sensory play. It's a term that's becoming better known as more and more kids are diagnosed with various special needs in America, special needs that make them more prone to crave sensory input. They want to touch things, to feel things, to squish them between their fingers and actually get a tactile sense of the world around them.

So how do you satisfy their cravings? How about some crafts designed for your little sensory seeker?


Moms from around the blogosphere have created some fun projects for kids with various special needs, and we've rounded up the best of the best. From colorful paints to put on bathroom walls to fizzy dough they can sink their hands into, there's plenty of play ahead for your family.

Crafts for Sensory Seekers

How would you use number four?


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