6 Cool Sensory Craft Ideas From Mom Bloggers

Jeanne Sager | Sep 5, 2014 Big Kid
6 Cool Sensory Craft Ideas From Mom Bloggers

child playing with dough

Sensory play. It's a term that's becoming better known as more and more kids are diagnosed with various special needs in America, special needs that make them more prone to crave sensory input. They want to touch things, to feel things, to squish them between their fingers and actually get a tactile sense of the world around them.

So how do you satisfy their cravings? How about some crafts designed for your little sensory seeker?

Moms from around the blogosphere have created some fun projects for kids with various special needs, and we've rounded up the best of the best. From colorful paints to put on bathroom walls to fizzy dough they can sink their hands into, there's plenty of play ahead for your family.

Crafts for Sensory Seekers

How would you use number four?


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  • Cloud Dough


    Image via Juggling With Kids

    Move over Play-Doh, hello Cloud Dough! This concoction feels like flour when you touch it, but it molds just like the sand on the beach ... and it's perfect for sensory play. Want to whip some up with the kids? Juggling With Kids has the Cloud Dough recipe down to just two ingredients!

  • Gel Discovery Boards


    Ever heard of a Gel Discovery Board? This crafty idea from Holly's Arts Corner lets kids practice writing, making handprints, and more in plastic-encased gel that can be touched again and again -- a total hit with little sensory seekers.

  • Fizzy Dough


    One part science experiment, one part sensory play, and two parts awesome craft, this fizzy dough project from Dayna at Lemon Lime Adventures teaches kids while they're having fun.

  • Sensory Sticks


    Image via Powerful Mothering

    What happens when you mix Popsicle sticks with glitter glue? You've got a Sensory Stick craft that's perfect for touching, feeling, and, of course, playing!

  • Rainbow Bath Paint


    Image via Meet the Dubiens

    What kind of fun can your sensory seekers get up to in the bath? The options are endless with this fun rainbow bath paint recipe from Jill at Meet the Dubiens!

  • Calming Mind Jar


    Image via Jeanne Sager

    Does your kiddo need a little break when they're over-stimulated? A mind jar will help soothe the senses! Filled with water and glitter, they can shake it up and then watch the glitter shift around before settling on the bottom. Then they can shake it all over again.

    For this we took a Mason jar (although you may want to use an empty plastic jar if you're afraid of your children dropping it) and filled it about 3/4 of the way with hot water.

    Then we added colored glitter glue (pink in this case), emptying the container into the water, and stirred until the glue dissolved. Finally? A small container of glitter (also pink) was added. The Mason jar lid was affixed, and tada!


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