10 Cool & Cheap Goody Bags Kids (And Moms!) Will Love

How annoying are goody bags? They're usually filled with useless kid crap that breaks on the car ride home. And then we have to vacuum the itty bitty plastic pieces stuck in the car mat -- or at least throw some stuff over it to cover it up. (Whatever works.) Either way, it requires effort. So annoying.

Unfortunately, goody bags or party favors are a must. You don't want to have the kid who didn't give them out at his party. It's a major faux-pas in kidland; a definite don't. We have 10 coolinexpensive ideas that won't have you up all night swearing up a storm in your head as you stuff those bags with crap. Promise.


birthday party goody bags

1. We adore IKat's magical goody bag wands. They're perfect for both boys and girls ... ideal for magicians, knights, princesses, fairy godmothers, you name it! Best of all, IKat has a tutorial that's easy to follow. You can hand them out solo, just wrapped in cellophane, or put them in goody bags with confetti (pixie dust!) and candy (a must!).

2. Kids go crazy about bubbles. Take a trip to a discount store and get the biggest or coolest jar of bubbles you can find. You can easily customize your own labels on your computer. Voila! They will be blowing bubbles before they leave the party, guaranteed.

3. For a sports-themed birthday bash, you'll hit a home run with baseball-inspired goody bags. Wrap some Cracker Jacks, a pack of baseball cards, and gum in cellophane for a festive takeaway they'll love. If you're feeling extra generous, you can throw a baseball in there, too.

4. Summer parties demand beachy goody bags. Buy cheap sand pails and fill them with inexpensive items: sunglasses, inflatable beach balls, and snacks. Kids love fun in the sun!

5. Aye, matey! Pirates like loot bags that are super cheap. Bundle chocolate gelt and an eye patch in a bandana and you have something even Captain Hook will love.

6. "Do you want to build a snowman?" goody bags will rock this winter. Put a carrot, a few buttons, a cheap scarf or top hat if you can find them, and a wax mouth from the candy store together and you have cute snowman goody bags.

7. Gummy skewers will hit the sweet spot. Simply spear several gummy candies onto a skewer or lollipop stick, then cover in cellophane and top it off with a bow. You can hunt down all different types of gummies to stack or coordinate them with your theme.

8. For sleepover parties, decorate your own flashlights are a sure hit! Kids are obsessed with them. You can use a paint pen or letter stickers for their names. Add stickers, colorful tape, and paints to the mix and they will be happy when you tell them it's time for "lights out!"

9. Eco-friendly goody bags by Slowmama are perfect for spring. All you need are brown paper bags, seeds or bulbs, and instructions. Tie it all up with a bow ... and encourage your birthday boy or girl to decorate them for their friends!

10. Kids' DIY ideas entertain them and serve as a favor. Bonus! Buy lots of cool candy and string for a candy necklace station at the party. They will wear their (half-eaten) creations home. Kids also adore tie dye ... get them each a shirt, let them make their own designs, and show off their masterpieces.

What are your favorite ideas for goody bags or party favors?

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