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It seems like it happened overnight. My little girl went from wearing whatever her practical mother laid out for her to being a major fashion bug. And a fussy one at that! Everything has to match perfectly. Everything has to fit perfectly. And everything has to be the latest fashion.

But, unfortunately, that very same daughter has the patience of a pea and can’t stand to go clothes shopping!

Problem solved!


Last week when we were in Target shopping for school supplies, we passed the girls’ clothing section. Something inside of her must have snapped because she literally dragged me by the hand into this sea of clothing that was just begging to be adopted and taken home to Cassie’s closet. She flipped through the hangers like a teenager and went from shelf to shelf checking out all kinds of really adorable stuff. She had never, ever spent so much time looking at clothes. She settled on a pair of leopard-print ponte pants, which were too adorable for words, and paired them with a cute pink tee with a big puppy dog face on the front. Then she insisted on accessorizing her outfit with a black Moto jacket (“Mom, it’s not going to be summer forever!” she reasoned correctly) and some black Converse sneakers. A pair of jeans, a headband, and a few fun tops later, Cassie’s back-to-school wardrobe was complete. 

We then hit the Target School Shop, picked up a backpack that simply had to match all her new outfits (okay, I’ll admit, I bought her two), and filled up the cart with all the school supplies she could possibly need for the next few months. 

I’d never seen Cassie so happy after a day of shopping. 

“I thought you hated clothes shopping,” I said to her on the way home. 

Cassie smiled, sheepishly.

“Thanks, Mom. You’re the best!”

I smiled back at her. After all, I know a successful shopping trip when I see one. And I know that a happy, appreciative daughter means a happy, appreciative mom! 

We could get everything we needed, from food to school supplies to clothing, in just one stop. Target made it easy for her and easy for me. And best of all, Cassie was stylin’ -- even though I still think she’s too young to care so much about fashion!


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