5 Signs It's Time to Stop Bathing With Your Kids

Many moms try to save time, water, and sanity by bathing with their children. Killing two birds with one stone for the win! But when should joint baths be put to an end? Here's how you know ...

You know it’s time to stop sharing a bath or a shower with your little one when any of the following occur:

  1. The entire bath consists of your child poking on you to test (and laugh at) your jiggle factor.
  2. The first time your child asks any of the following:
    • “Mommy, will my nipples get that big and lopsided when I’m bigger?”
    • “Mommy, why do you have those squiggly lines all over your belly like that?”
    • “Mommy, why are your boobies floppy like a cow’s?”
    • “Mommy, do you have a penis hiding under that hair?”
  3. Your child’s vocal range has expanded to the point that (s)he is able to graphically describe in vivid visual detail exactly how closely you shave, where your c-section scar ends, or the tattoo you have on your ass to everyone in the checkout line at Target.
  4. Your child seems to think the height of hilarity is dumping water in your face.
  5. He or she starts complaining about not having enough hot water. If you can complain about that, kid, you're on your own!

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Em Chappell-Root

Bathe with my child? hahaha. I'm 6 feet tall and clumsy as sin, there never has been any bathing with my kids (which is gross) and never will be. If others want to, that's fine, but my bathtub isn't that big and I won't risk tripping over a child in the shower and injuring them or myself. 

nonmember avatar ESmith

"Gross"? I feel bad that you probably make your kids feel that nudity is "gross".

Chris... ChristyM123

Em Chappell--What's so gross about bathing with your kids? If you don't want to, that's your business, but don't criticize those of us who do.


happy... happymomof2

I never actually bathed with my kids, it was more me showering and my child in the tub with me. They played, we all got clean. It was all great until my eldest reached up and grabbed a handful of pubic hair to pull herself up with...OUCH!!!!

nonmember avatar cherryberry87

My son is 4 and I still shower with him probably when he turns 5 I will stop. For now it's no biggie he doesn't ask any questions just brings his rubber duckie in and has a blast.

sterl... sterling21

The Victorian era started in Britain but some how America got stuck with that mentality for going on generations. It's perfectly natural that you see your families bodies and are comfortable in your own home that you can be nude. You stop dressing and bathing in front of your kids when they start to run out of the room screaming in embarrassment.

Cindy Williams

Never bathed with my kids.  I like my privacy !  

mommy... mommyflaw

My children have never once asked me questions like that. They know mommy has marks from when she carried them, and that mommy is an adult and a woman and what that means. I don't bathe with them as much since they potty trained though.

nonmember avatar sam

Haha showers and baths are the only time I have me time even then my LO is sometimes in her walker in the bathroom. I am not against it but some things I do enjoy "kid" free

nonmember avatar Mama Lo

I agree that it is gross from a sanitary perspective, imagine all yoir sweat and bodily secretions tainting the water your dear child is bathing in!

That being said: I bathe with my son after showering myself so that the water is clean enough for his sweet clean body!

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