8 Apps for Kids With Sensory Processing Disorder

Suzee Skwiot | Sep 4, 2014 Big Kid

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At this point, it seems like there's an app for everything. And it's all for good reason. Tablets and smartphones are versatile and easily accessible, and kids pick up on how to use them extremely quickly. Which makes them even more helpful when teaching children with sensory issues.

There are apps with high auditory and visual stimulation that will teach how sounds and pictures interact. There are also apps for sound sensitivity that help to calm and gently provide a soothing soundtrack to any activity.

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So for your convenience, we've put together a list of the best apps for kids with sensory disorder, as determined by high parent reviews and award rankings:

What apps do you use for sensory training?


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  • See.Touch.Learn


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    With See.Touch.Learn, kids are able to place sounds and pictures along with names of animals, foods, and emotions. You can buy additional libraries that include more words and themes, and all give children a chance to associate titles and words with sounds and visual images.

  • ​Talking Tom Cat 2


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    Kids can directly talk to Tom the Cat, he'll repeat what was said, and he immediately responds to touch and sound, teaching children the difference between both actions. There are fun puzzle-solving games within the program to also give it some side educational perks. 

  • abc PocketPhonics Lite


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    In abc PocketPhonics Lite, kids learn how to write letters and then pronounce them individually. Great for any phonics lessons, too!

  • Rainbow Sentences


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    Rainbow Sentences helps children with language development and color-codes parts of sentences to help with individual sentence fragments.

  • StoryBuilder


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    The StoryBuilder app helps to improve auditory processing for kids by reciting lines from a story, allowing them to repeat and record, and interacting by asking questions throughout the tale.

  • Pocket Pond


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    Pocket Pond lets kids control an animated koi pond where they can feed the fish, listen to the stereo sound effects, see the animated thunderstorms, and watch fish react to touches and swipes.

  • Fluid


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    The water app, Fluid, provides calming sounds for any child who may have troubles concentrating on a task or focusing on instructions.

  • What's Next??


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    What's Next?? uses quirky sounds, pictures, and animations to get kids excited about patterns and stories. If the user completes a certain number of challenges in a row, they get rewarded with a fun bonus round.

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