​Woman Confronts Dad for Hitting His Child & Ends Up Being Assaulted

wanted for assaultA woman on the subway in NYC witnessed a man beating his child. It was Saturday July 26th around 3:30 p.m. on a northbound L train in Brooklyn. Which probably meant there were many people on that same train seeing this happen. This woman spoke up and reportedly said, "Please don't hit your child." The father was said to have responded, "Shut the f**k up, we will hit our child if we want to."

The woman, and her friend who was with her, both told police that the father continued to beat his child, hitting the young girl hard in the chest. The woman then told the father that she was going to report him to police, and then she got up to move away from the incident. That's when he followed her.

If what these women are saying is factual (it has been corroborated by the police), it seems that the child was being hit beyond what some may feel is acceptable corporal punishment. I do not practice that style of parenting. I don't believe in spanking my children. And if I had witnessed this incident of a man striking his child in the manner these women reported, I think I would have spoken up as well. What has resulted, however, is the child being struck more when the father was angered by the stranger's comment. And the situation got worse.

Speaking up -- trying to help this child -- got this woman beat up. The father followed her as she tried to leave the subway car. It was reported that he grabbed her by her arm and then "slammed her into the train pole several times and threw her on the ground on her back, causing multiple injuries." If there were other people on the train, I would guess they were stunned, scared, unaware of how to react. Fear can be paralyzing and this situation seemed to continue to get worse. I'm worried for that child. It seems her father's anger cannot be controlled.

Two men on the subway intervened and helped the woman, somehow managing to get the father away from her. The train stopped at the Lorimer station in Williamsburg and the cops were called. The man who beat the woman and his child fled the scene before they arrived.

There are going to be instances where we see how a parent is with their child and it may be a way we don't agree with. It's not just spanking, or hitting. What if you saw a mom yelling curse words at her child? What about if you witnessed a dad who is letting his kid destroy a display at the supermarket? Or a parent who is doing nothing about a child bullying another child? I could even go as far to question if a mom will intervene if another mom is feeding her child fast food -- if the one mom believes that fast food is the worst thing you could feed a kid. Some parents yell at their kids -- that doesn't necessarily make them an unfit parent. Where do we draw the line and how? And do we risk our own safety to speak up? Are we further risking the safety of the child if we do speak up?

I think our instincts as parents can tell us what to do -- it may drive us to speak up or not, to decipher if the situation is one where the child needs someone to be her advocate. We have to try to tell the difference between if a parent is having a bad day and whose patience has worn thin or if a parent is abusive or neglectful. That's not always easy to tell in one witnessed moment. But in this case, it seems that doing what this woman thought was the right thing, ended up getting her assaulted and the child hit more.

The police are now searching for the man.

What would you do if you witnessed this? How do you decide whether to intervene or not?

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youth... youthfulsoul

What a POS. Hope he's arrested and his child is taken away.

nonmember avatar AYF

Bravo to that woman and shame on all others who didn't intervene. Yes, it put her at risk, but all adults should be as awesome as she would to put herself on the line to protect a child.

AliPa... AliParker

If he had just spanked his child I would completely disagree with her saying anything. But if the way they're explaining it is true then he needs to rethink his parenting. Then to follow her and put his hands on another speaks volumes about him. He's a piece of crap. I wasn't there and basing my opinion on this article, I'm not sure how pushing her into a pole and the ground could result in "multiple injuries". Bruises and maybe a scrape but I wish the article would better specify what happened.

Nelli... NellieAthome

AliParker - get pushed violently into a pole by someone stronger than you and you will almost certainly get more than bruises. My ex gave me a concussion by throwing me to the ground, I was repeatedly bruised badly, to the point of being almost unable to move by him pushing me into walls and door jams.... do not minimize violence of this sort.... thousands of abused women get that kind of nonsense by being told "oh, he just pushed you"

Kaylee Geet Milk Muffincakes

Bless her for trying to help. I had many people watch me be abused as a kid and did nothing. Having them walk by as it happened was just as painful as the abuse itself, it told me as a child I deserved it since no one would do anything.


I pray for this childs safety.

nonmember avatar Lena

Is there not security in the subways? Jeez. I'm glad she stood up for the child, even if she ended up getting beaten up as well. Can you imagine what the little girl felt though? Someone cared enough to confront her dad publicly, call the police on him, and receive a beating so she wouldn't have to. A lot of abused kids think the abuse is just how a family operates, but this woman showed the kid that it is NOT OK.

tbruc... tbrucemom

What happened to the daughter? Did he just leave her on the subway? And yes this guy is obviously a POS. I don't have a problem with an actual "spanking" but this was way more than that. I would intervene if I thought the child was being abused but I also know that these situations where the person trying to help gets hurt are not uncommon. My husband tried to help a woman that was being hit by her boyfriend and she started yelling and hitting him! Of course it's different with a child. I think I would alert the authorities instead.

Mommy... MommyofMonster

This isn't discipline, this is abuse.  Yeah, some of us yell at our kid, some of us curse at our kid (I know i'm guilty of that one when I'm horribly frustrated with mine on subjects he should KNOW better on) some of us spank our kid, but this??  I wouldn't let someone treat a DOG this way in front of me, let alone a child.  She did the right thing by intervening.  I wish her standing up for the child had ceased the "fathers" behavior. I hope they find him and throw his ass in jail.  I hope the little girl didn't get something worse done to her and that she gets to live with someone who actually will love her. There is a difference between discipline and abuse and obviously this guy doesn't know, or doenst care.  Fucking asshat.

BabyL... BabyLadyG12

I would've waited to flag down an officer for help. While it is admirable she intervened on behalf of the child, what if this man had a gun? What if this man now kills the child in a fit of rage blaming her for what happened? I live in NYC, and it is too unpredictable a place to intervene on the front line if you cannot fully physically defend yourself. I pray this woman has a speedy and easy recovery--she is a brave soul, who I hope at least had a positive impact on this child.

Lando... Landon2012

What a piece of shit beating on his own daughter and putting his hands on a stranger that was trying to help. Kudos to the woman as for the ass I hope he gets caught and his child taken away I hate to see what he does to her when they are not in public.

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