Topless Model on 'GQ' Magazine Cover Has Moms Seeing Red​ (PHOTO)

GQ Topless CoverSome parents got quite a shock recently when they went to get the mail. You know how sometimes companies have promotions and give you free stuff when you spend a certain amount of money? Well Land's End recently participating in something of that sort, by sending a free magazine to some customers who spent over $100.

That was nice of them! Except, it sort of pissed a lot of parents off, since the magazine in question was GQ, and the cover model is topless. And basically mostly naked, save for some skimpy bikini bottoms. And a lot of those parents got the mag after ordering school uniforms -- many of them for religiously affiliated schools. Whoops.

Take a look and be amazed at what showed up in some very conservative households recently:

GQ Topless Cover

Moms flooded the company's Facebook page to let their ire be known. One mom wrote, "My 14-year-old son brought in the mail today & was quite disturbed & fascinated by a 'gift' Lands End sent us -- a copy of GQ magazine with an absolutely OBSCENE cover!!!"

Another said, "I ordered Christian private school children's uniforms from your company and you sold my home address to a magazine company that peddles in soft porn for men???"

OK, we can giggle and snort all we want over this snafu, but it's actually pretty uncool. Yes, sex sells, and kids might see this sort of thing say, walking in front a Victoria's Secret store in the mall. But as parents, it's our right, privilege, and responsibility to control what comes into our homes, and shock of all shockers -- not all parents are OK with sexy photos of topless women laying around on the coffee table for all to see.

Land's End did issue an apology to its "valued school uniform customers." The company president and CEO Edgar Huber stated, "We are truly sorry this magazine was sent to you ... there are simply no excuses; this was a mistake."

But it's not like he can make kids and moms accross the country unsee this scantily clad lady.

Would you be offended if this happened to you?


Image via GQ



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1Tall... 1TallMamaCA

When we stop being offeneded by "topless" covered breast, then maybe the same will happen for breastfeeding photos where everything is covered. 

You can not have it both ways ladies, you either want to allow covered "topless" breast to make them less sexual, or you ban them all. 

Thats coming from a woman who nursed for way past the "norm" to 29 months. 

nonmember avatar alexandra

Well, breasts are natural unsexual body parts that's designed to feed babies. So these people who are complaining need to stop as I bet they would applaud this woman if she had a baby on her hip.

nonmember avatar Cat

Dude, they are boobs. Why are they sex objects unless there is a baby hanging off of them?

Lisatron Lisatron

There is a pretty sizeable difference between acceptance of public breastfeeding and a mostly nude, greased up woman on the cover of a magazine.

One does not have to allow sexual imagery in order to accept breastfeeding, considering they are apples and oranges.

balan... balancing-act

Exactly Lisatron apples and oranges. I wouldn't appreciate a sexually changed magazine cover showing up in my mailbox either. I especially wouldn't like it landing there because my information was sold by a "reputable" company. But beyond that errors do happen. You address if necessary and move on. Not appreciated but not the end of the world

Happy... Happydad73

Do any of these fuming moms go to the beach? Many of the bikini tops out there are about as revealing.

Jozemom Jozemom

The only thing that bothers me here is that our society deems this ok (because it represents women as sex objects) but showing a teeny bit of décolletage in a way that is not at all sexual (while nursing a baby) is deemed obscene. I really don't have a huge problem with the amount of skin shown here, nor do I think it will turn my son into a raging sex pervert simply by seeing female skin, but I hate the objectification of women this picture represents.

nonmember avatar Regina

Breasts ARE sex objects, as well as A form to feed a child... they are both and that needs to be accepted. Obviously some women prefer to breast feed and that's fine. Some women like to wear pasties and have their man flick the nipple with his tongue. Everyone is different and we will never all agree with one side or the other, so lets agree to disagree and hope maybe next time Lands End will send out National Geographic as a gift, but sometimes thats got boobs in it too.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Then if it's both..sexual and nourishment fine but you can't say breasts are only sexual when there is no baby. The second a woman has a baby, everyone stop looking and simply admire the beautiful non sexual breast. It is not going to work that way. You want women to be able to nurse blankets, middle of pools, grocery aisles etc then you need to accept that this image is fine. Anyone who says this is sexual when you can't see a nipple but then say my baby needs to eat here and now and no, I wont use a blanket, stay home, move away etc and everyone can just see me and they better get over it, should feel the same here. But why do I think this is more jealousy? Gee I don't look as good as this woman and my spouse, bf, significant other may like her..oh shit, I better find a reason to complain! Yeah, the kids..too sexual for the kids, got it..I look good this way! LOL

the4m... the4mutts

How is this such a big issue? And how did it manage to be about breastfeeding?

You don't want the magazine? Throw it in the recycling/trash. Problem solved.

Oh your prectious TEENAGER that spends all day thinking about tits anyway saw it? Treat it just like you would if you walked by a lingere store with pictures in the window. Ignore it, or use it as a teaching moment.

Making a big deal over a set of boobies with covered nipples, just makes it that much more of a big deal to kids, especially boys. Get over it.

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