Hannah Montana Who? Coming: New Disney Channel for Boys


You'll be hard pressed to find a 'tween girl between Alabama and Alaska who isn't way into Disney Channel hit shows like Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Some of you love it too! But what about those girls' brothers? We knew something for them couldn't be far behind.

Welcome, Disney XD (One New York Times writer suggests the abbreviation is for Xtreme Dudes!). 

Really standing for Xtreme Digital, the new network launches in February '09 and will actually be a rebranded Toon Disney, hoping to capture the hearts of guys who might secretly watch Hannah but are way to cool to let their friends know. Service also includes a feature that allows kids to create their own social Web pages ala myspace, but with a lot more security. “Disney XD will showcase great stories and empowering characters with Disney’s brand credibility and a cool creative factor that will set it apart from the pack," said Rich Ross, president Disney Channels Worldwide, in a statement. What TV shows are your older boys into?



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momof... momof4qtz

Wow!!  I'm surprised that I hadn't been told about this yet... ds is usually up to date on the goings on of disney, lol!  Sounds cool, I'm sure he'll love it, especially the web page feature.... we've already got a club penguin addict, thank you disney, I'm sure the new website will be just as good!

Cafe... Cafe Kristen

Who new? This is totally cool. I'll encourage my boy and my girls check it out.

Valdi... Valdilene

This sounds like fun. I wonder if I will get since I have dish? Anyone know...


rlemde rlemde

Curious to see how well it goes over, and what shows they'll have. Maybe I can start watching something other than Lifetime on Sundays. hehe..

3bs 3bs

This is great. 

castl... castlseqween700

OK TV program for tween boys but is this the only blog I can find in CM about tween boys???? I need more information....Not more TV shows, Like how do I nicely say NO MORE TV !!!

drown... drowninginboys

My boys, aged 8, 10 and 11, LOVE Hannah Montana!! Also Zach and Cody and The Witches of Waverly Place. Disney is definately the preferred channel in our house! I told them about Disney XD and they are looking forward to February!

Squea... Squeaker49201

I super stocked.  My 6 yr old son watches the Disney channel with his 9 yr old sister all the time.  We Love Hannah Monatana, Whitches of Wvarely place, Drake and Josh, Cory in the House, iCarly, and of course Suit Life of Zack and Cody(love the new on deck version).  But it will be cool for him to have his own shows.  Iw orry now about how girlly watching these shows could make him.  But on the other hand my son loves to watch Nascar, motor Cross, discovery with the animals, and other things like that.

Once again I'm Stocked!!!!

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