What’s for Dinner?

mom making dinner

How many dinners does a mother cook in a lifetime? I’m not even going to do the math because whatever the answer is -- it’s a lot and a lot of work! It’s not just the act of cooking that’s the challenge, it’s the whole process of trying to please everyone’s palate and make sure you’re providing healthful yet tasty meals.

For years I went through the motions just like my mother before me did -- meat, starch, vegetable, dessert. But then my kids stopped eating vegetables, all they wanted were the chocolate chip cookies, and two out of three decided after being totally obsessed for months and months that they simply did not eat chicken nuggets anymore. Ever.


Life was so busy: I was running my kids in all different directions, my husband was working longer and longer hours, and I just kind of let it go. I’d feel guilty for about 10 minutes and then boil the pasta for the third night in a row, plop it down in front of whoever was in front of me, and watch them wolf it down. 

But eventually I realized that saving time and energy now was going to backfire later. I was setting my kids up for a lifetime of bad eating habits. I realized that it would take a little work in the beginning, but it would be worth it in the long run. And so I went on a campaign to change how we eat in our household.

I’m the kind of person who will rise to a challenge. I made it my mission to learn about nutrition and pass it on to my children. It wasn’t just about calories and candy bars; it was about incorporating valuable vitamins and nutrients into our meals, too.

Facts Up Front gave me a great head start. In the grocery stores, so many packaged foods and beverages now have these nutrition labels that are big, clear, and right on the front. So all it takes is a glance, not a magnifying glass, to know if the food you picked up fits into your plan. I learned so much from these labels alone, but then discovered all of the resources on the Facts Up Front website. I started with the Shopping and Meal Planning Tips. I really had no idea how important some of these vitamins were, let alone how to incorporate them into our meals. And because I’m not the most creative of dinner planners, the recipes suggested on the website saved me more times than I can count.

Like so many other things in life, it’s the getting there that’s the hard part. And sometimes just making the commitment to change is the biggest hurdle. Learning about nutrition is easy and eating well makes such a huge difference. I realized I was in control of what my kids were eating for dinner and I owed them the best meals I could make. And guess what? It wasn’t that hard at all!


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