'My Parents Open Carry' Is a Children's Book No Kid Should Be Reading

boy reading a bookWhen you think about the ideal children's book that has yet to be written for your little one, an illustrated story about a parent's right to open carry their deadly firearm is probably the last thing you'd imagine. Well, not so for Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew, authors of the new pro-gun book My Parents Open Carry! The duo is proud to debut their new children's book about 13-year-old Brenna Strong and her parents who "lawfully open carry handguns for self-defense." Yes. Really.

The book aims to help parents explain why they open carry to their kids, while of course singing the praises of walking around armed. Fantastic message for kids, for whom open carry is obviously ... illegal!

Aside from that, the fact that this kids' book is obviously about a seriously contentious ADULT theme makes it look like a satirical Saturday Night Live joke.

My Parents Open Carry book

It's not even about what side of the issue you're on. It's about how there are probably a BAZILLION better, more appropriate topics that could be the subject matter of a children's book. It's about whether or not this is a conversation we need to be having with young kids, especially within the innocent context of storytime, which should be pleasant, relaxing, and educational -- not a time to fearmonger.

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Ultimately, there's no good reason a child for whom an illustrated book like this would be appropriate needs to be informed of and dragged into this clearly divisive political issue. Sure, perhaps "the right to open carry" is a conversation certain proud gun-owning parents may want to have with their older kids at some point, but to make it the crux of a book aimed at little ones is nothing short of completely clueless, if not downright irresponsible.

What do you think about this book?

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sassy... sassykat122

As the saying goes "Thats your opinion"

TheSi... TheSilence

The exact same thing could be said about books like Such and such kids two mommies or so and so has two daddies.

nonmember avatar Sarah O

If a parent chooses to own guns and keep them in the home, his or her child needs to be educated and informed about why the parents made that choice and gun safety. A picture book is a great way to educate children. It would be more irresponsible to keep their children ignorant about the guns in their home.

nonmember avatar Paula

Telling children that it is perfectly fine to opening carry a deadly weapon is a lot different then educating children on different kinds of family structures.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

I see no problem with it. If it's not your cup of tea don't buy it. Frankly, you sound like those bigots who protest books with gay parents. Censorship is stupid, no matter the topic. 

amazz... amazzonia

omg!!! those illustrations!!!! they look possesed!!! and considering they have guns they probably are!


bella... bellacazzate

The cover characters look like a Hitlerian wetdream.  

fave82 fave82

I'm with Sarah o. Children of parents who open carry deserve to be educated about why. If this was a book about why jimmy considers himself a girl you would be loving it and preaching how anyone who doesn't like it doesn't need to buy it.

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I agree with Sarah O too. Those illustrations are also kind of creepy.

the4m... the4mutts

No, no no no NO.

I could not disagree with you more. If a child is raised in a home with firearms, (like mine have been) then they need to be educated from day ONE. They need to know about safety, not to handle it unless an adult is present, to tell if they see one just laying about, (which would never happen in this house)... but just because they are used to seeing guns, doesn't mean that they shouldn't respect them. They have to KNOW.

I don't know what this specific book teaches. I haven't read it. But if it is honestly informational, and talks about proper ownership and uses of guns, then I would buy it for my kids tomorrow!

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