6 Ridiculous Things Schools Ban & 6 Things They Really SHOULD Ban

Mary Hawkins | Aug 5, 2014 Big Kid

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Sigh. When it comes to going to school, it's pretty safe to say that things are quite different for our children than when we were kids. From peanut-free tables in the lunch room to cupcake-free birthday celebrations, kids today definitely have a much more sensitive classroom environment, though some schools take things to the extreme a bit more than others.

And while banning foods due to the high number of children with food allergies makes total sense, sometimes it seems like we're getting a little too carried away with what is and is not allowed.

Here are six great examples of ridiculous things schools have banned, and also six things we WISH they'd consider kicking to the curb.

Does your child's school go overboard with banning certain things?


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    You guessed it -- skinny jeans. And after hearing that a school actually banned skinny jeans, we have to wonder what's next. Aren't jeans that actually fit better than the alternative?

  • Schools Should Ban ...


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    Baggy pants. OMG. Who else thinks a child's pants should actually fit them? If a kid's pants are falling off, he should be sent home immediately.

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    Loom bands. Even though the loom bracelet craze is a bit out of control, the kids love them. It seems harsh for schools to ban wearing loom bracelets when there are so many other ways to enforce the dress code.

  • Schools Should Ban ...


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    Graphic T-shirts. Yes, the kids love them. But they can always wear them on the weekends so the nice, brand new back to school clothes we buy at the beginning of the year actually get worn with no complaints.

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    Hugging. Yes, you read that right. There's a case of a school banning hugging. (Hugging!)

  • Schools Should Ban ...


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    Homework! (AKA pointless busy work.) Can I get an amen?!?

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    BFFs. Forget about your child learning social skills because schools are banning having best friends, you know -- so no one's feelings get hurt. (Eye roll.)

  • Schools Should Ban ...


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    Stuffed animals -- especially ones that are collectible. The last thing parents need is a competition at the bus stop to see who has more of a certain kind than the next kid.

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    Candy. Yes, a school banned candy. And while it isn't exactly the healthiest food option, it's up to a parent to decide what is and is not part of their child's lunch.

  • Schools Should Ban ...


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    Indoor recess -- when the weather is perfectly fine to go outside, that is. It's amazing how beneficial fresh air can be to a child's overall demeanor.

  • School Bans ...


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    The honor roll. Would you believe a school banned having an honor roll because it makes kids with bad grades feel inferior? So much for rewarding students for their hard work and giving them an incentive to keep it up.

  • Schools Should Ban ...


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    Wrapping paper fundraisers. We get it -- the school needs those fundraisers to ... well, raise funds. But for crying out loud, parents of school-aged kids have enough wrapping paper to last until the next millennium.

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