12 Creative Ways to Commemorate the First Day of School

Suzee Skwiot | May 21, 2019 Big Kid
12 Creative Ways to Commemorate the First Day of School

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Every year, the first day of school is a celebration. Whether it's your child's very first day of preschool, or they're returning for another year in elementary, the beginning is always the most exciting. So naturally, it should be recognized. That's right, moms, we're talking first day of school pictures.

You can bust our your DIY skills, hire a professional, or simply have them hold up a no-frills sign, but you can also make those pictures extra special. We went to our favorite DIY-ers and bloggers to find the funniest and most creative photos you can take with your child before they board that school bus. Take a look:

How do you commemorate the first day of school?

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  • Sidewalk Chalk Inspiration


    With some chalk and your driveway, you can create your own photo description. Draw on the grade, have your kid stand, sit, or lay next to it and snap away.

  • Chalkboard Style


    Image via kyndull/Instagram

    If there's ever a time to bust out the chalkboard paint, it's back to school time. On a small board, jot down the highlights: name, date, grade, and what they want to be when they grow up.

  • Simple Sign


    Image via missbritt7/Instagram

    Go for the understated look that is completely classic. All you need is the most basic of descriptions: "first day of [X grade]." Done and done.

  • Chalkboard Upgrade


    Image via splendedmissm/Instagram

    Up the ante on chalkboard style right here with an actual chalkboard easel. Deck it out with some stars (for that star student), apples (duh), and school supplies doodles.

  • Sibling Photo Shoot


    Image via jenn_lott/Instagram

    Of course, include all the kids. Make them all similar signs and have them individually take the pictures to see them grow up side by side.

  • Younger Ones, Too!


    Image via justdrinkacoke.com

    Take a closer look at the picture. See the two silhouettes on the sides? Don't forget to include the younger siblings too. Get them in the photo, even if they haven't started school yet.

  • Super Descriptive


    Image via ashleyjoelle28/Instagram

    Give the fun facts rundown: favorite color, hobbies, career, movie, and food. All the details you'll want to remember.

  • Framed & Ready


    Image via afarrari28/Instagram

    Take a large poster board, cut out the center to create a frame. Tack on some block letters describing the occasion and you're good to go!


  • Memorable Details


    Image via drkt02/Instagram

    Sure, you want the typical school year info, but don't be afraid to let them personalize it. "When I want to grow up, I want to be ... a pony" is a very important detail and must be included.

  • Scrapbook Memories


    Image via alphamom.com

    First, take a standard photo with a sign that features the grade. Then, print it out, and fill out a special questionnaire that can be used as a scrapbook page.

  • Throwback Pics


    Image via 733blog.com

    This is fun. Print out a poster-sized copy of last year's first day of school photo. Then, have your child pose with it on the first day of the new school year for a special #throwback pic.


  • Staged for Perfection


    Better yet, go professional (or set the stage yourself!). Get props like a chalkboard and school desk ... and then wait for the school bus to really fill out the photo shoot. Snap!

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