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11 Awesome Ways for Moms to Kill Time in the School Drop-Off Line (PHOTOS)

School Pick-UpIt's just about back-to-school time, and that means back to the morning rush routine. You know what I'm talking about -- the scramble that happens every single morning as you beg your kids to get out of bed, try to get them to eat something, and invariably panic when someone can't find a shoe.

And then after all that chaos, you finally make it to school, only to be overwhelmed with the feeling of "hurry up and wait," because that drop-off line of a gazillion cars is moving like molasses. The line at pickup isn't any better either. Basically, the school drop-off line sucks. But don't worry, we've come up with some great ideas for you to the beat the school drop-off and pickup doldrums this year! After all, when else are you going to catch up on your knitting?

What do you do in the car while you wait to drop off or pick up your kids?

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Erin Thomson

How about talk to your children?

nonmember avatar Message Sender

you can review your childs homework.

candy... candycrush

Silly, I can't talk to them if I'm waiting on them to come out of school!


acebook comment from Erin Thomson 
August 4 at 10:08 AM

How about talk to your children?

candy... candycrush

With my phone I can do it all. Read, talk to my mom, play games, check email.

Madel... Madelaine

I go on my phone or read a magazine

LaniBee LaniBee

Play games on my phone 

godde... goddess99

Drop off - I would talk with my dd or we would listen to the radio. Pick up- I would read magazines.

ceciliam ceciliam

This is going to be my first year in a drop off line so I can't say how it will go yet. In my son's primary school we had to walk them to the front door so drop off was much easier.

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