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11 Hot Homemade Lunches Your Kids Can Take to School (PHOTOS)

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Sometimes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a pack of fruit snacks just don't cut it. This year, as back to school approaches, think about upping your lunch game, moms. Toss aside those granola bars and take out the muffin tins and insulated lunch containers. Your kids will thank you.

With so many new ideas and creative to-go lunch recipes to consider, now you can prepare yummy hot meals for your kids. Pack them away in Tupperware or a Thermos and know that they'll be munching on some healthy homemade meals during the school day.

We've consulted with some of our favorite bloggers to bring you weeks' worth of lunch ideas, so start your shopping list. This year, you'll have plenty of go-to hot lunches that your kids can take to school:

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youth... youthfulsoul

Good luck getting a kid to eat yam latkes and Brussels sprouts!

Madel... Madelaine

thank you!  these are great ideas, except for the brussel sprouts, I dont think my kids would eat them.

LaniBee LaniBee

My daughter might eat some of these. Thanks for the ideas!

jessi... jessicasmom1

nice ideas but DD wont eat most of it

slw123 slw123

Some of these ideas would work for us. My kids generally take sandwiches for their school lunch. In return I make them hot lunches on weekends and all summer.

ceciliam ceciliam

How would you keep the mac & cheese muffins warm? I send my son to school with regular mac & cheese and I put it in a thermos...not sure that would work with muffins....I see it being a big old mess.

ceciliam ceciliam

No way is my son eating a burrito bowl and once again, how are you packing this?

ceciliam ceciliam

I like the meatball idea.

ceciliam ceciliam

The pizza muffins are interesting but not sure about stuffed with bbq chicken.

ceciliam ceciliam

I made these corn dog muffins and while they were good, they fell apart too easily.

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