Mom Charged With Attacking Photographer for Taking Photos of Her Kids

camera photographerA 32-year-old mom named Victoria M. Torres was arrested in Springfield, Massachusetts earlier this week after assaulting a 22-year-old student. The reason? The girl was snapping pics near a water park for a "photography class project," and Torres confronted her, "demanding in a threatening manner" that she delete any pictures containing images of her children, according to law enforcement. Apparently, the photographer was beaten by Torres, who also tried to take the woman's camera and equipment. Yow.

While any mom would be unnerved by the idea that a stranger had taken photos of her children, it definitely seems as though this mom took her concern way too far.

It's one thing if you're afraid your child may be photographed when you're on private property, at your home, for instance, or even when they're playing on a school playground at recess. That might warrant a freak-out (albeit probably not one nearly as violent as what occurred here). But in a public place, you can't help but surrender to the fact that people are out and about and equipped with smartphones that have cameras and perhaps even advanced photography equipment.

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In turn, you can't help but accept the fact that your child may be in a LOT of photos, whether you like it or not. And more often than not, it's a completely innocent occurrence; nothing that could put your child in harm's way. Of course, imagining the worst possible scenario (that a child abductor is keeping tabs on your little one) is heart-stopping for a parent. But it doesn't mean you can flip out on anyone with a camera in a public place -- or keep your kids in a bubble at home.

That said, there's no denying Torres really crossed the line. With hope, she's not only doing time for the assault, but she's able to get help that assuages her irrational fears.

How do you feel about the inevitability that your kids will be photographed in public?


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the4m... the4mutts

While I feel that ADULTS have to face the inevitability of being photographed... I feel that children should always be exempt.

This could have been handled better though. She could have NICELY asked the woman to delete them, then if the woman didn't comply, call 911 and say some creeper was taking pictures of kids in their swimsuits. They would get the pictures deleted.

Even if it's legal to TAKE the pictures, they can't be used/distributed without consent in most states. She could have called the professor, and said that the assignment made her feel uncomfortable, and that the student did NOT have her permission to distribute pics of her kids.

This just seems like a case where restraint would have been more effective

nonmember avatar blue

It shouldn't be inevitable! People don't need to photograph children. If they are a student, they can do what every other student does...ASK permission beforehand. Ask for references and take free photos of willing participants. There is a certain decorum with photographers and children. If you happen to snap a child, you approach the adult and explain and ask permission. If they decline, you delete. If want to take a picture, you ask. If they decline, you don't do it. Students are typically taught this, so I blame both the teacher for not doing their job, and the student for being dumb. With that said, the mom took it too far.

fave82 fave82

If the photographer was taking pictures of my child, okay, get upset.. perhaps call the cops.. whatever. But if you read the article it seems that the girl was taking pics at the park near the fountains... it never actually says that she was even taking pics of children. This lady acted like a hothead lunatic. Talk about over reaction.... if she wants to protect her kids so bad she should protect them from seeing their mom act like a piece of trash psycho. Becuase that's what's really gonna mess them up.

nonmember avatar nonyun

Did you take the time to think that maybe she is protecting her kids from something else? Like and abusive ex? You never know

Eva8686 Eva8686

I hope that women was charged with assault, that was a bit overreactive of her! There was no reason for the violent behaviour

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

While I personally agree with the mom (up until beating the photographer). In a public place NO consent is required to photograph any person. The photographer owns the content, and can use and distribute as they see fit. The subject of the photograph has absolutely no say in where or how that photograph is used, provided it was taken in a public place.

nonmember avatar jes

I live in springfield and sucks either parents dont watch thier kids or they get one of.the.many.watrr parks alot and.alot.of.the.parent sit around and.smoke.wees while.the kids play witch is besides the point. that knowing how.people.are im.sure this was a misunderstandung

Jacee... Jacee2348

Wow. Which way should we spell witch (which)? And how many periods can we use in one sentence unnecessarily? How much "wees" has @jes been smoking while trying to form a coherent sentence? I know vocabulary, punctuation & spelling aren't the topics here, but man, I could NOT resist! :)

lasombrs lasombrs

that depends on the photos. I take pictures at parks etc of my personal children and yes other kids are in the images because it cant be helped. But they are not the center of attention in the images. If someone else, without kids with them, is taking images of my children with out my permission that is wrong. Also if any of those images contain their faces or identifiable traits she needed to get a model release signed by the mother to use them.

Is she wrong for attacking and beating the woman? Yes totally and she should be charged with it. But the women taking the photos if they do break the law should also get in trouble for taking them

Momma... MommaCurls

I would have done the same exact thing. .. In a world where there are children being forced into sex trafficking, and where creepers are leaving dolls that resemble your children on your porch, you can never be to careful. I would have demanded they erase the pics and if they refused I probably would have gotten physical too!

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