30 Crazy Things Moms of Sons Say Every Day

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Most parents will probably agree that there are plenty of things that come out of their mouths that they NEVER imagined they'd say until they had kids. And as the mom of one child, a son, I can say first hand that being the parent of a boy has me repeating sentences on a daily basis that would probably never be uttered otherwise.

As much as we adore them, boys are, well, kind of gross sometimes.

On that note, here are 30 wacky things moms admit saying to their sons ... way too regularly!

  1. Get your hands out of your pants ... that's not polite.
  2. Put your pants back on.
  3. Yes, you have to wear underwear today. It's not negotiable.
  4. Put your wiener back in your pants where it belongs.
  5. Don't let the toilet seat slam down or you'll crush your wiener!
  6. I'll give you $5 if you get in the shower RIGHT NOW.
  7. Your shirt is not your napkin.
  8. Just because you can pee outside doesn't mean you should do it. 
  9. Whose underwear is this? Yours or your brother's? And why is it on the floor?
  10. Stop touching your penis.
  11. Put a shirt on. We have company coming over.
  12. Please don't light things on fire in the house.
  13. Don't sit on your baby brother until you have clothes on, please.
  14. Stop trying to pee on your sister!
  15. No, you can't bring your remote control car to church.
  16. The toilet is not a car wash for your Hot Wheels cars.
  17. Make sure to wash your butt crack during your shower.
  18. OMG, get over here and let me cut your fingernails before you kill someone with those things.
  19. Get your finger out of your nose.
  20. Get your finger out of your butt.
  21. Did you just lick that worm?
  22. Don't touch my boobies. Because it's not nice, that's why.
  23. Did you brush your teeth? With toothpaste?
  24. Did you wipe yourself? Why not?
  25. Are those the same socks you wore yesterday?
  26. It's not acceptable to fart at the dinner table.
  27. No, you did not have a bath because you were in the pool today.
  28. Your butt is itchy because you're all sweaty. Would you PLEASE take a shower already?!?
  29. No, I will not scratch your butt for you.
  30. You JUST ate. NO, you cannot have a THIRD dinner!

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What kinds of things do you say to your boys that you can't believe?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

Do not blow your nose on the dog. --he was 3, dog was a great dane.

Where? --when he happily told me he pooped outside just like our dog.

Stop licking that! --why do they lick everything??

Why are your socks in the toilet?

Yes, if the neighbors car came alive I think it would be a Decepticon.

Why do you say 'All hail Megatron" when we enter the toy aisle?


Julia Saenz

I have a 5yo son and I've only had to say number 19. Way to make boys seem like disgusting neanderthals. Maybe it's just your parenting.

Kristin Miller

Or maybe it's meant for humor and you need to get that stick out of you butt Julia.

Kristin Miller

Or maybe it's meant for humor and you need to get that stick out of you butt Julia.

OliviaW. OliviaW.

I don't care if you think you're a dinosaur you are not going to eat your sister. 

Kristin Miller

Or maybe it's meant for humor and you need to get that stick out of you butt Julia.

nonmember avatar Norma

I spend most of my days answering my sons questions about wrestling, video games and cartoons! He gets mad when I don't know everything in the history of evah and then tells me to go google it! Its been a long summer!

Denise Caple

Julia- I have a 5 year old son and I have had to say most of the things on this list!  It's not the parenting, it's kids doing and learning.  Girls do a lot on this list as well. It is a learning process. Sometimes you only have to tell them once, and they never do it again...sometimes they do it over and over again because it's fun or they don't comprehend why they can't bring a remote control car to church, yet the can bring a quiet small one.  Don't talk down about other peoples' parenting.  This list is a compilation of many moms' words, not just one who "has said it all."  I'm sure your son has asked you a few questions that are hilarious, or rude...and he doesn't understand why it was rude.  I forget  some of the hilarious things that are said or asked...and I'm sure you have forgotten a few things as well.  

nonmember avatar Layla

...And I'm glad I have a girl.

nonmember avatar Norma

I remember my son had out grown his favorite orange fleece jacket but did not want to stop wearing it! It was the perfect size for his sister! He didnt want to give it to her and told me he was going to save it for HIS kids but he'll let it go for 2 bucks! Well I had to pay him for it! Its now my daughters favorite jacket!

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