Homeless Pregnant Mom Loses Her 5 Kids for Trying to Find Them Homes

hands typing on laptopA homeless pregnant mother of five in North Carolina recently resorted to desperate measures while looking for a job and a place to live. Thirty-two-year-old Moshimalee Johnson reportedly lost her health care agency job in 2013 after her minivan broke down and she was late to work too many times because of the bus. Fast-forward to earlier this month when Johnson posted an ad on Craigslist to find a home for her kids after the Durham Department of Social Services refused to help her.

In turn, the kids -- aged 9, 7, 6, and twins who are 2 -- were taken away and put in foster care.

Johnson's July 9 posting, which appeared in the apartments wanted section of the site, is all sorts of heartbreaking:

I am currently homeless and looking for someone to take my five kids until I can find a job and a place to live. I called DSS, and they won't take them. The shelter has a waiting list and Urban Ministries won't let you work if you come there. I am a certified nursing assistant but can't find work due to numerous doctor's appointments because my 6-year-old accidentally hung himself. Please help anyone.

What a nightmare for this mother. Especially considering that she really took a leap of faith to reach out to the DSS and plead for assistance. Not that Craigslist was the best place to go next, but it does sound like Johnson was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

No mom wants to think that reaching out for help could actually serve to exacerbate her existing problems. To live in fear of making her troubles known. This woman's unnerving circumstances should only serve to remind us how troubling it is when a culture of fear prevents moms from doing anything for their own good and the well-being of their kids. Consider how many women hang back from doing a bevy of things -- from disciplining their child in public to going to a homeless shelter -- because they're afraid someone is going to call CPS.

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Johnson's situation may be an extreme example, but it definitely shows how much tip-toeing around many moms are forced to do when they should really feel okay with shouting from the rooftops and waving a white flag. Okay with it because they know they're not only getting the help they so desperately need, but they won't be punished to boot!

What was a time you were afraid to do something or ask for help, because you feared a judgment call on your parenting or getting in hot water?


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Caera Caera

Because her "six year old accidentally hung himself"? WTF? Sounds like the kids should've been taken away sooner.

the4m... the4mutts

Wait, Im calling shenanigans here. You CAN'T be telling the whole story.

1. How did she end up homeless, with 5 kids?

If she lost her job, she should have applied for welfare. With 5 kids, she would have been approved.

2. Where was she staying before, that she couldn't continue staying? Even if she were late 1 month rent, or even 2, they would have to have followed proper eviction processes, which takes 3 months, to a year, in which time a job, or welfare should have been obtained.

3. Most importantly, WHERE IS THE FATHER?? Why the fuck didn't he step up and care for his children? What about her family, or his?

Has this woman ran off and taken them away from him, and subjected them to a life of homelessness? Was he dead, or in jail? Why couldn't the kids go to family, instead of foster care?

Too many questions, too many things not adding up.

the4m... the4mutts

And the link says she was homeless, but then goes on to say that she, AND HER KIDS, lived with her mother.

Things just don't add up.

jorji... jorjiegirl

I totally agree with the4mutts there's no excuse esp with a 6yr old accidentally hanging themselves? And btw she can sign temporary guardianship to social services while she found a place for her and her kids, they would have at least made sure they had proper care and food and a place to sleep...it's not like she's giving them away or would have to fight to get them back...now with them taking her kids she will have to fight really hard to get them back..

Bruic... Bruickson


This site had a little more info about the father and how the 6 yr old hung himself. But I'm still not sure why she couldn't continue staying with her mother. I hope the children were able to stay together at least but I doubt it.


I'd like to know why the hell she thought it would be a good idea to get pregnant with a sixth child when she is on hard times and baby daddy can't support them either (but he's a good man; riiihht). Sorry about her kids, but, I just can't muster up any sympathy for someone who must have an IQ of a pecan .Who keeps having kids they cant support, is it that hard to get birth control?

LeeshaE LeeshaE

You can sign temporary guardianship over to friends and family as well as CPS. My parents were temporary guardians of girl whose mother was is tough spot

nonmember avatar blueeyedblondie

PRIMA487 maybe she didn't think she would be in this position 8 months ago when she concieved. Maybe her birth control failed her like it does sometimes. Also yes it can be hard to get birth control. I have been trying for almost 2 years and I was just able to get it last month. I didn't have any insurance and the health department didn't have a doctor. Also the free clinics took forever to get into and they had to reschedule my appointment a couple times. You also don't know about the father, maybe he is disabled after a working accident or any accident, maybe he only works minimum wage like most people.

The4mutts it can take 30 days to get evicted unless otherwise stated in the lease. I have never heard where it takes 3 months to a year. Also not everyone has the other parent in the picture or even friends and family.

tbruc... tbrucemom

Bottomline she has 6 kids that she can't afford. Even when she was working she obviously couldn't afford them if she lost her job because she couldn't fix her car. She had to have been receiving help even while she was working. You can't support a family of 6 on a CNA wage. Somethings missing from the story.

Blueeyedblondie-next time go to Planned Parenthood.

nonmember avatar blueeyedblondie

Tbrucemom- I called planned parenthood and I can't remember the reason they gave me but they weren't able to help me. Trust me I called everywhere and tried everything that I could and afford.

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