School's Letter About Son's Test Scores Makes Mom Cry​ (PHOTO)

standardized test bubbles being filled inUpon receiving any sort of communication from their child's school, most parents brace themselves for something aggravating. Even parents of straight-A students often have to navigate bureaucratic red tape, dress code drama, scheduling switches, etc. But as one mom named Alison Owen proved, not every letter home from school causes a headache. In fact, once in a blue moon, you might get one that actually makes you cry ... happy tears!

That's exactly what Owen says happened when she got her 11-year-old son Charlie’s standardized test results from Barrowford Primary School in the U.K. on Monday. Given how utterly awesome it really was, the test scores letter went viral, after Owen shared it on Facebook.

Check it out ...

The letter, from the school's head teacher Rachel Tomlinson and assistant head teacher Amy Brikett, was written in response to the KS2 exam, which tests students' math, reading, spelling, punctuation, and grammar abilities. They sent a copy out to all the test takers, in an effort to remind the children -- and their parents, of course -- that their test scores "will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything." What mom wouldn't love this, too: "These tests do not always assess all of what it is that make each of you special and unique. The people who create these tests and score them do not know each of you the way your teachers do, the way I hope to and certainly not the way your families do.” Amazing!

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No wonder Owen was floored. Considering how accustomed many parents are to receiving upsetting, annoying, or just downright icky notes that detail what a child did wrong or that are simply impersonal form letters, this letter is a MAJOR breath of fresh air.

Of course teachers and administrators are just trying to do their jobs, but there could always be more personalization and positivity. How fantastic that this letter delivered not just solid info to parents and students, but also made their day. Cheers to that!

What's an example of a nice letter like this that you received from your child's school?


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dreamsky dreamsky

Great! Absolutely wonderful. I tell my son this. He's on his way to 7th grade; he received a medal for all A's for the whole year. He passed his standardized tests, but he did not get commended. He was really bummed out. But you know, we told him the same as in this letter. They do not define who or how smart you are.

Freela Freela

I really appreciate the personalized feedback I've gotten from my kids' teachers.  My youngest had a rough year last year in grade two... she is very young to be in her grade (she has a late December b-day, no option to redshirt or hold kids back in my province) and she is being assessed for learning disabilities as well.  However, she worked REALLY hard on improving her reading/writing skills at school, at home with me, and with an occupational therapist.  Her teacher made a point of giving her an award for effort and sending her home a card at the end of the year acknowledging her hard work and saying she was proud of her.  It did my heart good and my little girl was completely beaming, especially since her grades don't always reflect the level of effort she puts in and she really likes to do well.  It's that kind of stuff that makes me appreciate good teachers, because it highlighted the positives in what could have otherwise been a very frustrating year for her.

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