Size 6 vs. 6x: What's the Difference?

Any mom of a 6-ish-year-old girl who's shopped for clothes with her daughter eventually stumbles across this puzzling conundrum: What's the difference between size 6 and 6x? The reason this is such a head scratcher is it's the only size that has an "x" version. There's no 5x, 7x, or 8x ... so why 6x? Even more mystifying is the fact that there's no 6x in boys; it's just a girl thing. What's the deal?

According to Dyone Cupples, owner of a children’s online consignment boutique, "Generally a 6x runs slightly larger in width and length than a 6 -- it's like a 6 and a half. It seems to fill a gap in sizes where many girls fall."

The reason 6x is the only "x" that exists is because 6 is an age when many kids -- particularly girls -- shoot up in height, says Booth Parker, owner of Haley and the Hound, a women's and kids' clothing line. "A lot of brands have little girls' clothes up to a 6 and big girl styles start at a 7," she says. "So the 6x allows girls to look their age even if they are tall."

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Boys' clothes don't come in 6x because they have different growth patterns -- and because boys' styles tend to look fine on varying sizes. And let's face it, boys aren't generally as style-conscious as girls. "Once boys turn 2, they are out of jon jons and into polo shirts for the rest of their life," says Parker. "Plus, boys don’t seem to care if the shirt runs a little big in order to be long enough."

Do you think size 6x is essential for girls or not?

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Tracys2 Tracys2

We liked 6X because my kids are tall, and generally grow out of 6X by age 5. Prices go up and styles change after size 6. My older daughter was wearing sizes 8 and even 10 before she was 7 (for length- she's skinny), so I wish they'd have more young-child-appropriate clothes in older sizes- and more skinny/tall clothes.

Paike... Paikea1974

l soooo hate it they have heaps of clothes for husky boys but not for slim boys (like mine is)!

my son can easily get into size 4-shorts but it's not really an option for pants or jeans.

l sometimes feel like a P.I. looking for pants and jeans with waist adjusters that DOESN'T make him look like a diapered toddler from behind!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I have the same issue paikea1974. The only brand that fits well is Denizen from Target and they don't hold up very well. I just hate it when you find jeans that are labelled slim fit or skinny and they're huge and baggy. He tried on a pair one day that were meant to be super skinny and I could have fit two of him in there.

Clothes are sized to fit chunky kids nowadays. Regular means the kid is on the larger side, husky means they're headed for a heart attack, slim means they're a healthy size, and if your child is actually slim you're screwed.

nonmember avatar needsmorecoffee

I wish more stores would do sizes slim, reg and plus and starting at a lower size. Skip all the 5t vs 5 and 6 or 6x. All kids are built different make options.

nonmember avatar Me

Apparently the author doesn't have any boys to know that boys sizes have the mysterious 7x size.

nonmember avatar ago

I wish they would make an 8x or 9/10. My daughter is in between a 7/8 and 10/12 - tall and lean. Its Hard to find clothes for her.

nonmember avatar Meseb

@RhondaVeggie , I hate myself for even giving you the attention you were looking with posting something like that. I just can't help the need to say how sickening it is when I see a grown adult ( a mother at that!) judging children for their size! "Heading for a heart attach", really?! These are the kind of comments that are causing body issues so early on in childhood. I am all for teaching a healthy lifestyle and the education of nutrition. My kids are completely normal (I guess on the larger side for your standards), but by God I am willing to bet they aren't any less happier nor healthier than you precious one who happens to be of a smaller stature.

tooth... toothfairysc

Yes, it's necessary! My mother had to buy them for me. And it would have been nice in other sizes, as well! I was tall and always felt like I was ready for a flood. Lol!

nonmember avatar devon

I have a almost 11yr old girl who weighs 100 lbs and is 4 ft 7 in tall and i go look at jeans that say 14/16 and they are small enougj to fit my 3 yr old niece. We are expecting children to be thin from a very young age so the size on tje tag does not acutually match yp with the child. Sge dont fit in kids or juniors

nonmember avatar Yadis

I really don't like 6x. My daughter is very tall and thin and 6x is overly baggy on her. Even the length is too short. She is about 4'3 and is six years old. I have to shop online for jeans and buy 7 slim. I thought 6x was just made because most kids are overweight nowadays

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