Make Your Own Bug Spray: 5 Simple Recipes

Judy Dutton | Jul 24, 2014 Big Kid

In the eyes of many natural moms, commercial bug spray presents more dangers to their kids than the insects they repel. And they have some reason to worry -- studies have shown that pesticides like DEET can cause a host of problems in children. So what's a holistic-minded mom to do, short of letting her kids get bitten to death? One option is you can make your own bug spray at home. As is the case with all-natural remedies, it's best to consult your doctor before trying them, and test for allergies on a small area of skin first. But since the ingredients are all-natural, the odds of an adverse reaction are slim. Here we highlight five all-natural recipes from holistic bloggers and explain what makes them effective.

Do you know a natural way to keep bugs away?

DIY Bug Spray Recipes

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