'Prison Bracelets' for Kids -- Just What Every Helicopter Mom Needs

lg kizonEver wanted to know where your children are during every single possible second during the day? Well, rejoice, helicopter parents, because LG has the perfect product for you. The new LG KizON will let parents literally track their children via their own smartphones.

In a cross between a children's cell phone and a prison tracking anklet, the WiFi and GPS-enabled device attaches like a bracelet to a child's wrist and send signals directly to the parents' smartphones. With one button, kids can call their parents and speak directly through the device. Parents can also place phone calls directly to the gadget, but there is a catch. If kids don't answer the call within 10 seconds, parents can listen in through the tracker's built-in microphone.


lg kizonPlus, with the Location Reminder feature, parents can actually program at what points in the day they would like to be reminded of their child's whereabouts. Just in case you've forgotten where they're supposed to be. Or where you put them.

Wowza. There you go. You can literally always have ears, no matter where your children are.

Granted, the idea of a wearable device through which parents can monitor their kids does have some upsides. You can always be in contact with your child, can have two-way communication in case of any emergencies, and the little tool will never get lost if it's securely attached. But the listening-in part? That reaches whole new levels of ahem, helicopter parenting. You can hear the hum of the chopper now.

If you suspect that your child might not really be at a sleepover, or you just really need to hear what they're chatting about at grandma's or while playing in the backyard with their friends, now you can know it all. Enjoy the connection.

Would you ever buy one of these for your child?


Image via LG

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