Brandi Glanville Defends Picture of Her 7-Year-Old in His Underwear

Brandi GlanvilleSo it looks like Brandi Glanville has stepped in it again. This time The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wasn't indulging in a cuss word-filled rant against her young son -- she was just posting pictures of him in his underwear on the Internet.

I know, right? What the heck was she thinking? Don't worry, the commenters let her have it, because zomg! Don't you know all small children must be fully clothed at all times no matter what because there are perverts out there? Brandi hit back and defended the pic as no big deal -- and I gotta say I agree with her on this one. Seriously, good luck to the mama who can keep clothes on their kids in the summer.

So the brouhaha started when Brandi tweeted an "inappropriate" picture of her two sons trying to put together a desk. The caption read, "My little builders are trying to build Jakes desk!!" and Jake, 7, can clearly be seen in his underwear. His brother Mason, 11, is also pictured shirtless, but appears to be wearing pants or shorts of some kind.

Cue Internet freak-out.

Of course Brandi being Brandi wasn't about to take comments like, "You nasty bitch put clothes on them !!!" lying down, so she shot back at the criticism.

"They both were clothed from waist down whatever! i was naked my whole life- #f--koffhaters," Glanville responded to those who dared to insult her mothering skills. She responded to someone else with, "It was evening & guess what mine do ... I guess your a better person ur your kids wear more clothes #not."

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Brandi also sent out another tweet saying, "You can't post a pic or tweet with out haters! I think this Halloween I will pass out Lexapro to all the kids parents! #gethappy" And now I know where I'm going trick-or-treating this October 31.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the pic. It isn't in any way suggestive or posed, and you'd have to be a pervert to find it sexually provocative at all. And if you're trying to keep your kid in a bubble from all the disgusting human beings in the world, you should just keep him home at all times. In a snowsuit. With the blinds shut.

Do you think this picture is inappropriate?


Image via Brandi Glanville/Twitter

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Jacee... Jacee2348

While I don't think it's inappropriate or sexual, I think 7 is old enough to where he probably doesn't want an underwear picture out on the web. But if the kid doesn't care then neither should we...

nonmember avatar Flop

Once again, no story about how Leann and her fans have been harassing Brandi. You do know that those weren't Brandi's fans. Go back and look again. The people giving Brandi a hard time are Leann's fans. When they weren't giving Brandi a hard time about the photo they were posting ads about Leann's show. Why is everyone so afraid to even mention how Leann uses twitter to harass Brandi?

Einyn Einyn

@Flop ...really? I'm sure Leann Rimes has better things to do than force random twitter people she doesn't know to comment on someone else's tweet.

nonmember avatar Flop

These aren't random people, Leann is hanging out with these people and inviting them to her home. She sends their children gifts. If Leann had better things to do, why has she been on her Irene Sybil account all day tweeting about Brandi?

nonmember avatar Emma

Wait what? Beyoncé's toddler daughter is too sexualy suggestive with red nail polish but a kid in their underwear is not? Nice double standard!

I came here hoping for some sort of update since you have nearly 400 negative comments on the Beyoncé post without any sort of response from you.

texas... texasgirl77

He's more covered than many little kids I see on the beach in all honesty. 

Linda Wilkie

I guess we can't post pics of boys in swim trunks then either? People, I swear. I'm am so tired of society being uptight about EVERYTHING!! Children are free - spirited and beautiful. Let them be children.

nonmember avatar Mary Rife

I have 3 boys who at this age never wanted to keep clothes on, get over it. Oh and the red nail polish thing on Blue get over it, it's not ur child and I am sure B doesn't care what anyone thinks.

shami... shamillionaire

People always make a big deal of nothing!! I have seen people post frontal nudity of their children. To me THAT is a BIG deal. This however is NOT!

Dee Dee Medley

She's an idiot...I feel sorry for those boys.. Yes, it's fine for your kids to run around your own home in their undies but as a responsible parent you don't tske a pic of them at that age then post it on a social media..

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