Mom Outraged After 'Furby' Teaches Her Kids to Use the 'F' Word (VIDEO)


As if they weren't already annoying enough for parents to deal with, a mom in the U.K. is claiming that her child's Furby taught her kids to swear -- by saying the words, "Fu** You."

Louise Wilkinson admits being shocked after hearing the toy drop an f-bomb. She says while it was only one of the Furbies in the house with a potty mouth, she wound up taking all of them away from her three children so no one's feelings would be hurt.

Here's a clip of the supposed "Fu** You" Furby. Have a listen and see if you think it sounds like the little bugger is swearing like a sailor.


Huh. Maybe I need to have my ears checked, but after playing this clip a good three or four times -- all I heard was something along the lines of, "Ba Doo!"

I guess I can sort of understand how the phrase could be taken out of context, being that whatever the Furby is saying does seem to rhyme with "Fu** You." But it just seems to me like this mom might be overreacting a bit.

I mean, if we all listened closely enough to our kids' toys, I'm sure we could manage to pick out things here and there that sound like bad words, so odds are good that's what's going on here!

But if she truly believes she was hearing something that could potentially teach her kids the wrong lessons, I guess we can't really blame her for kicking all of the Furbies in the house to the curb. It's bad enough when we accidentally slip up and swear in front of our kids (don't act like you don't do it too) -- and the last thing a parent needs is a battery-operated stuffed animal contributing to the madness.

What did you hear when you listened to the clip of the Furby?


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