10 'Healthy' Cereals That Could Be Bad for Kids

cerealBreakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and what better ingredients to include in it than vitamins. Right? Maybe not. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), overly fortified cereals can be bad for kids

In its annual report, the organization found that some popular cereals contain lots of zinc, niacin, and vitamin A.That doesn't sound so bad, so what's the problem?


Apparently, eating too much vitamin A can cause liver and bone damage; increased zinc intakes can harm the immune system; and high levels of niacin can lead to vomiting and rashes. And, according to EWG, the nutritional information for cereal is usually calculated for adult intake, not kids.

Sounds scary right?

Consider this: It all begs the question of whether any kid is actually even eating some of these cereals -- many of them seem more "adult." And even if a kid is eating some of them, are they eating so much cereal that they'd ever enter the "danger" zone the EWG is worried about?

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As with anything, maybe it's just a matter of reading labels, and eating smart and in moderation.

Here, for your information are the 10 worst offenders, according to the EWG.

Are you worried about your kid's cereal?


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