New Dolls Teach Boys it's Okay to Cry​ (VIDEO)

generation gritQuick, think of an action figure, any action figure! What's his power or most identifiable characteristic? Can he fly? Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Shoot lasers out of his eyes (and guns) burning any and all things in his pathway? It's likely that whoever came to your mind -- Batman, Superman, G.I. Joe -- likely has a trait or two similar to things like this. But here's a more interesting question: What inner traits do the superheroes you know of have? Know any sensitive ones? Any ones who are extremely kind and generous? Probably not. Until now, that is.


Laura Hale, a mom from California, is currently in the process of trying to get her new creation, Generation Grit, on store racks. After realizing that lots of new toys geared toward empowering young girls are hitting shops, Hale decided to invent something "unconventional" for boys -- so she invented Generation Grit, action figures intended to cultivate characteristics such as "empathy, kindness, resourcefulness, curiosity, and grit" in little boys. Hale has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her project, which intends to teach young boys that "there's more than one way to be strong."

Love this! Also, kind of surprising that this is the first of these toys. Thankfully, there has been a huge influx of dolls, games, and toys geared toward girls to help them realize that there's more to life than pink princesses and fairies with sparkly wings, but the market in terms of boys' items has remained fairly status quo. Kind of shocking when you think about it. Boys need to know early in life that there's more admirable traits to cultivate besides being strong and macho.

Hopefully, Hale will meet her goal of $75,000 and we'll all see Generation Grit figures on store shelves in the near future. Our little boys deserve it.

What do you think of these toys?


Image via Generation Grit/Kickstarter

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