11-Year-Old's Invention Could Save Thousands of Babies From Hot Car Tragedy

e-z baby saverSadly, babies being left in hot cars happens all too often. And even more upsetting, a percentage of these babies die due to the awful things that happen to children when they're left in hot cars. Sometimes, these children are left on purpose when mom or dad is running what they think is a quick-enough errand. Other times, parents actually forget their kids in their cars. As crazy as it sounds, it happens. However, an 11-year-old named Andrew Pelham is working to put a stop to this with his E-Z Baby Saver.

As the oldest of four, the inventive and precocious Pelham says that he knows "a LOT about strapping kids in cars." And the best part? Pelham isn't even trying to make a buck off of his invention. Nope, his creation is simply on his website for parents to copy. Pretty amazing.

As the easy step-by-step instructions show, all you need is some colorful duct tape and rubber bands and voila! It's dang-near impossible to forget your baby in your car. It's a pretty ingenious invention, and love that an 11-year-old came up with this super simple alternative to some of the more expensive baby alarms out there.

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No parent ever intends on forgetting their child in their car, but sadly, sometimes it happens. And this is a great way to prevent that. Even if you don't think you, in a million-trillion years, think you would ever leave your sweet little babe in the car, it might be worth installing this DIY device in your car.

Better safe than sorry, right?

Do you have any tips for not leaving your little one in your car?


Image via E-Z Baby Saver


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Gamer... Gamer_mom1

I don't really have advice aside from trying to be distraction free and even that might not work.

I've never actually forgotten my kids in the car, but there was one time (I normally ride alone except for the kids) I had a friend with me and we were actively talking on the way to the store and getting out of the car. I STARTED to keep walking, but felt weird because I wasn't carrying anything and I stopped and grabbed my kid.

It was a weird thing, but I don't really have an answer at the moment. One person I saw one time suggesting putting your wallet or pursein the back seat, because if you forget you brought your kid along you will need to get your wallet out so it would be impossible to miss the child. You don't use kids to make purchases so you would probably get farther before remembering you brought them.

There was another time a guy friend of mine said he almost forgot his kid, because the routine was thrown off. She was normally taken to day care that morning, so when he was doing errands with her, he forgot she was there for a moment due to her quietness.

iicar... iicarmerin

I got into the habit of always checking the back seat of my car, always. I was just so scared of being that person who forgets their child.

nonmember avatar kayla

i always put my purse/bag/wallet/etc in the backseat so i always have to be back there anyway.

Lacey Tierney

I know I'll probably get a ton of negative comments for this but teach your kids from an early how to unbuckle themselves and open the door. yes, I know...I just set off every parent's worse nightmare about kids falling out of the car on the interstate. but this is also a great time to teach your child car safety; when is it appropriate to uncuckle and open the door and when it's not. For instance if mommy and/or daddy are getting out of the car, it's probably safe to unbuckle as well.

Not a completely fool proof plan. What this kid is suggesting is genius as well and his parents should be proud!

Rocio Calderon

it's pretty sad to think parents even forget their own flesh & blood.

The.L... The.Last.Rebel

There is NEVER an excuse for leaving your kid!

And the wallet/purse thing? A wallet or purse is more important to remember?

nonmember avatar Miss Ann Thrope

Lacey, many babies lack the motor skills to umbuckle the car seat. Toddlers ussually figure it out on their own.

The Last Rebel, it is not that a wallet/purse is more important, it is harder to forget. Many mothers don't take their children everywhere with them. They maybe used to leaving their child at daycare or with grandparents when they run errands but always take their purse. They might not immediately feel awkward without a child in tow, but would immediately feel awkward without a purse on thier arm.

I personally don't understand how someone could forget their child in the car. But I take the bus, I do take my kids almost everwhere with me, and I apparently don't have all the distractions these other parents seem to have.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

I never forgot left kids in the car, but I can understand how it happens. People are creatures of habit. I was supposed to drop my kids off at school one morning and from the backseat got a "Mom, you drove right by the school" ... it happens. And like Ann said ... it's not that your wallet / purse is more important; it's that you always have it with you. Most people don't always have their kids with them.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Put a teddy bear in the back seat and when your child is in the car put the teddy bear in the front with your purse or sit it on the dash.

Brian Burke

"THOUSANDS OF BABIES." Way to blow this out of proportion: http://www.ggweather.com/heat/

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