12-Year-Old Comes Home a From Sleepover With a Tattoo

tattooFor most of us, sleepovers bring to mind viewing PG-rated movies, pizza, ice cream, painting nails, and maaaybe a silly prank or two in the middle of the night. No big deal, right? Definitely nothing compared to what one mom in Pennsylvania is now contending with after her 12-year-old daughter came home from her sleepover tattooed!

The girl was sleeping over at the house of a friend, who was being supervised by Randall Charlton and Melissa Becker. Becker was reportedly being given a tattoo when the 12-year-old asked if she could have one of her own, noting that her mom would be fine with it. For some reason, the couple didn't think twice ...

The couple tattooed the girl a smiley face on her arm, along with the word "bitch." Insane. And it's no wonder the two now face charges, including endangering the welfare of a child.

Of course, this is an extreme case. Most of us aren't sending our kids off to sleepovers worrying that they're going to come back tattooed! But what happened here does raise the question of what we should be thinking or doing when we entrust another parent with our child's welfare for even a night.

Parents obviously need to share contact info, be in touch when appropriate, and make it clear to one another beforehand what they're cool with and what they're not. Kids wanting to alter their appearance in any way -- maybe we're talking an ear piercing or hair dye -- is one thing. That's most definitely a case where most parents would realize they need to be in touch with one another. But is an R-rated movie off the table? What about the supervising parent offering Tylenol or Advil? Even eating certain foods (gluten, nuts, fast food, etc.) may be of concern to some moms.

In the end, no mom wants to drop her kid off with a laundry list of "don'ts," but at the same time, more communication than less can help preempt a jaw-dropping, embarrassing, or traumatizing situation. Not to mention one that ends up in court!

What do you usually discuss with your child's parent before a sleepover?


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Frost... FrostyMelted

No sleepovers were ever allowed. They're not a necessary part of childhood and often create a lot of problems. Not worth it. 

Laura Palmer

Seriously, no sleepovers allowed??? It is absolutely a necessary part of childhood! I really hope that comment was sarcasm.... if not, that is just plain dumb. I mean I don't think my parents would drop me off some place where someone was being tattooed in the living room for starters... I mean what kind of people were these parents leaving their kid with??? 

nonmember avatar Sarah

Good God, the issue isn't about sleepovers, it's about who we leave our children with. For one, babysitters could get a kid a tattoo. It's not like she went to sleep and woke up with it. If she was there for a playdate the same thing likely would've happened.

The point is that you NEED to know the parents WELL. Start with short playdates, and if they go well, and you get to know the parents well personally, then you can consider sleepovers. I did plenty of sleepovers as a kid, but with only a select few parents my parents trusted completely. Not always the nicest or my favorite parents, but they were responsible, and that was what was key. I loved them all, they were a blast, and I can't imagine my childhood without them!

Jaysg... Jaysgal426

Ok, the parents who gave the kid a tatoo were wrong, but it's not like the child was a toddler either. This is where parents are wrong today. It's not great that the kid has tatoos, but clothes will cover them and since the child lied, make her wear clothes until she is old enough that cover them. I can see being annoyed with the parents who gave the tatoo, but suing or present charges in my opinion is over the top. That what makes the world a sucky place to live in today. One wrong choice and another parent is trying to hand you your ass in a basket. The twelve year old lied. She knew the difference between truth and lying. She should be the one that is punished. She specifically did something that she knew her parents wouldn't want. The responsiblity lies with the twelve year old and it used to be that the twelve year old would have been old enough to be held accountable for her actions.

nonmember avatar Foster

I haven't even read the article yet but I had to post this...did anyone else notice the title? "12 year-old comes home a from sleepover tattooed"

TheSi... TheSilence

Does a parent actually need to say 'please don't allow Suzy to get a tattoo.' Before she leaves her child for a sleep over?

Seriously, people suck!

Alyssa Dawn Naylor

The parents who allowed SHOULD be held accountable. She is 12. Doesn't matter if she should know tight from wrong. The parents shouldn't have been stupid. A 12 year old says "oh my parents" won't mind and they do it? Hell no. You should have called the parents and asked or just said no. It's common sense. And they didn't use it.

nonmember avatar alona

If someone does not want there children to go to sleepovers then well we're not to say there wrong . With the world today there is not many people you can trust . I will not let My children have a sleep over unless I personally know the people more like family .

Shawn Butler

I want to know what the adult was doing getting a tattoo at home while she was in charge of other peopels children to begin with! You want to do it while your own kids are home fine, but not when you're responsible for other peoples kids!

Candace Dress

Are you really that stupid to think that only the child should be held responsible for this???? Yes the child lied kids lie all the time the adult in charge she be thrown in jail for this what kind of person believes a 12 year old when that say something like "oh yeah my mom is totally cool with me getting a tattoo and oh just for shits and giggles lets add BITCH to it" I don't care if the kid is 12 or 17 they shouldn't have done it even if they did call the parents and they said sure go ahead 1 it's illegal 2 IT'S FUCKING STUPID AND I PRAY YOU NEVER HAVE KIDS AND IF YOU DO GIVE THEM UP RIGHT NOW BECAUSE YOU DO NOT DESERVE THEM.

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