Teacher Gifts: What NOT to Get!


A few days ago in Christmas shopping desperation I posted, "What to get the teacher?" Many of you chimed in, and a few teacher mommies even lent their voices. Gift cards! you said. I got it. Off to Barnes and Noble for our lovely teacher's gift. No stress, no problem.


This morning, I'm surfing the web and stumble on, "Teachers Pet Peeves: Holiday Gifts Gone Bad", in other words, what not to get the teacher. Hilarious!  Moms of good will, please read this, spare the wonderful teacher in your life the travesty others before her have obviously had to endure...

"Teacher Gifts can be thoughtful, amusing or inadvertently insulting. In the latter category would fall the low-fat, low-cal cookbook that was given to one of the teachers in my school. Guess that was a hint! Or the collection of bright, brassy makeup that we all received, with purple eye shadows and orangey lipsticks that would have been suitable for a Lady of the Night working the streets. Then there’s the personal care kit that included deodorant and mouthwash. Hmmmm ... a comment on my personal hygiene? Then there are the surprising gifts, like a strip of postage stamps or a timer that automatically turns lights on and off. Although these gifts are useful, I have a hunch they were the result of a desperate look around the house and garage for something to quickly wrap up and give to the teacher."

Alas, on behalf of the teachers of the world, if you're still prone to giving a bad gift, here's the brutal truth all wrapped up by the writer in a bow: "Here’s what most teachers do not need: Mugs! Figurines! Candles!  Framed 8x10 portraits of your child!"

Oh, come on Teach. What's one more figurine?

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