Military Dad Forced to Give Away Daughter When He's Deployed

A military dad who is currently deployed on a submarine in the Pacific Ocean has reportedly been ordered by a judge to turn his 6-year-old daughter, for whom he has custody, over to her mother while he's away -- or else.

Navy submariner Matthew Hindes has been ordered by a judge to attend a mandatory court hearing in Michigan next week or face contempt, even though he's miles away and it's obviously not going to be possible for him to return for a court appearance.

Hindes, who was granted full custody of 6-year-old Kaylee, left her in his current wife's care while he was away and argues that the best place for his child is with her stepmom Benita-lynn Hindes at their home in Washington. Despite the fact that Hindes insists Kaylee was taken away from her biological mom Angela by Child Services for neglect, the court is holding firm that the little girl belongs with her mother while dad is deployed overseas.

Angela Hindes has appealed Child Protective Services' decision to take her child away from her and maintains that she deserves the right to care for Kaylee in Matthew's absence. And Lenawee County Circuit Judge Margaret M.S. Noe agrees with her. Noe has even threatened to enter a bench warrant for Hindes' arrest if he doesn't appear in court.

Benita-lynn says she plans to travel to Michigan with Kaylee to attend the hearing, but she's worried that Kaylee could be taken from her before she has a chance to say a proper "good-bye" to her father.

My emotional side immediately sees the words "child protective services" and thinks: this judge is making the wrong call and Kaylee should absolutely stay with her stepmom. But, let's be fair, we don't have any idea what went on in Angela's home or why Kaylee was really taken away from her. And that isn't the point, is it?

A judge truly believed that Matthew should have full custody over Kaylee and that he should be in charge of making decisions for her. Wouldn't it then make sense to grant that parent the right to decide who should take care of the child while he or she is away?

A parent who is constantly with his child knows his or her needs far better than a judge who is making decisions based on what makes logical sense. There is, of course, something to be said for doing things in a fair and just manner, but in this case, it doesn't add up. Why would you grant custody to the parent who lost custody of her child simply because the parent with full custody is away serving his country -- doing his job? Hindes and all parents who have custody of their children should have the right to make the final call on who has guardianship of their child while they are away.

Who do you think has the right to make decisions about a child's guardianship -- a judge or the parent with full custody rights? 


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Mommy... MommyBoha

I think if the bio mom lost her due to neglect, she has no right to care for her while her father is gone.My friend has been in the same situation. Her DH has custody of his daughter from his first marriage. He is in the Navy and deploys often.  My friend cares for his daughter( her daughter too really, as bio mom is a POS)

The man is in the military serving our country. How dare that judge threaten to arrest him while he is delpoyed. Shame on bio mom and judge.

Einyn Einyn

It would help to know why the mom lost custody in the first place before I make any comments.

Jenny Palmer-Gray

The dad has the right to decide where the daugther stay when he is deployed.  Obviously something occured that was really horrible.  I don't know about Michigan but in Montana is actually takes a lot before they will remove a child from someones care.  Also, it was probably provable given that a judge gave the dad full custody. 

nonmember avatar Tamia

This judge is in the wrong. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act will supercede this judge's decision in the end as far as holding this sailor in contempt of court for heaven forbid, serving his country.

The custody part though...not too sure. If the mom has changed her ways and proven it to the court, she may be able to get joint custody again.

Steven Collier

I was room mates with this guy back when we used to be on the same boat and I used to have to listen to the yelling fights on the phone he would have with his ex-wife and the way she would treat their kid. My memory isn't that great but I am pretty sure it involved the ex not giving a crap about the little girl and leaving her with the grandmother all the time so she cold go out and party. I think she was doing stuff with random guys a lot that maid him worried for his daughters safety and as I recall the grandmother was fighting on his side too. Just think "Jenelle" from the teen mom show.

Benita-Lynn Caoile Hindes

I am Kaylee's Step mom and kaylee calls me mommy. Matt, my husband and I have raised her together for the past 4 years. All she knows is that we are a family. She also remembers the abuse and it was a challenge raising her after the abuse. But since in the care of Matt and I she is the most outgoing little girl and she is so smart. I am a stay at home mom, just for her...I got to college while she was in kindergarten but pick her up after school and take care of her. When my husband is not deployed he is home majority of the time and we act as a family as if i am not here step mom. We love her so much and all we ask is to let us continue to provide a happy and healthy home for her as we have for the past 4 years.

nonmember avatar Jano Pala

The mother lost custody, many children are in the care of their step-parent while their spouses are away on leave, what makes this one any different, and if the real mother lost custody of her, and she gets her back, may this judge burn in hell if something happens to her.

Silve... SilverSally

Can someone explain to me why it makes - as it was put - "logical sense" to return custody to someone who was neglectful, and why it makes sense to do that while the father isn't around to check on his daughter? I really don't get this. That judge is gambling with this little girl's wellbeing. :( 

lizilli lizilli

How can Judge Noe explain the demand for the presence of a deployed Marine who is on a submarine?  This is absurd and unreasonable and the Military should have something to say about it if this Judge issues an arrest warrant for this deployed Marine.  Clearly, if this occurs, Judge Noe has very little understanding or respect for the Military and I would question her ability to sit on this, or any case,involving Military personnel.  As for the custody arrangement, I wonder if this judge has an agenda, or perhaps this mother has demonstrated that she has rehabilitated and is now a suitable, custodial parent.  I hope the child comes out of this unharmed and emotionally undamaged.

Steven Collier

Before the mother lost custody I used to have to listen to the father yelling at her on the phone for her lack of parenting. The stuff he would yell at her on the phone for completly reminds me of  Jenelle from the teen mom show. Still don't understand how the judge can just reverese the ruling of another judge with out having a proper legel hearing. This guy has been through so much crap from this want to be mother, he doesn't need a sexist judge making it any worse.

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