School's Plan to Ban Homework Has One Serious Twist

child doing homeworkThe debate over homework has raged on in American homes for the past several years. But the battle is not between the parents and the kids who don't want to do it. Instead, it's parents challenging the system and asking that schools reduce or ban homework altogether. And it looks like one school is well on its way to embracing the no-homework system.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there definitely is one big catch. If administrators do decide to ban homework, they will have to lengthen the school days. Since parents mostly want homework restrictions so kids can spend more time playing, enjoying their days, and hanging with the family, it could seem like the plan is backfiring.

But the trade-off might just be totally worth it.

The average American parent gets home around 6 p.m. (if they work 9 to 5). So if the school day is extended for kids by just an hour and they're dismissed at 3:30 or 4 p.m., they'll still beat their parents home.

Now, however, when mom and dad get off from work, the kids will be homework-free, stress-free, and available to play and spend the evening with the family. Is that not worth it?

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The main reason teachers assign homework is to gauge how well students have learned a lesson. While it may seem like they're learning during class, testing their comprehension later after they've finished the initial lesson lets the teachers determine how well the material was received. With longer class periods and extended days, teachers would be able to focus more on the lessons and give students more time to understand the material.

And let's not forget: once they're out for the day, the work is done. It doesn't follow them home. Parents don't have to sit with their kids, creating glitter dioramas or trying to solve shockingly difficult math equations. Instead, they can plan other after-school activities, organize outings with the rest of the siblings, or finally have time to have that proper sit-down family dinner.

So as pained as the kids may be to have to endure some extra time in school, the idea of no homework and extra time at home is fairly tough to pass up.

What do you think? Would you prefer a longer school day with no homework or the regular dismissal time with homework?


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nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I think the way it is now is fine. I was able to concentrate on work better at home like most kids at my school said and I wouldn't wanted to have been stuck in school that long. If this is the way the majority of parents and kids want to do it at this school though I think it's a pretty fair trade off.

Einyn Einyn

Since teachers aren't paid hourly i would hope they'd up their salary for this

Julia Saenz

Anyone else find this as sad as I do? The schools adjusting to take care of kids because of parents' longer working hours. It's not the parents fault bc of the high cost of living, but you still have to feel bad for the kids.

mmtos... mmtosam06

I'd prefer my dd have homework vs not having it

lilly... lilly_girly2000

my suster school here in canada has banned hw and doesnt keep them later.... its a huge fail. hw is when patrents could also see how their child is grasping it and help provide different perpectives if they are struggling. my mom had no idea one of my sisters was so lost until halfway through the year ahe got sick and missed a bunch of days sothe school agrrrd to send work. my mom was blown away by how lost she rwally was because it wasnt showing on her report cards.

lilly... lilly_girly2000

gah wish i could edit that... sorry for all the errors. stupid phone...

SandyWT6 SandyWT6

My son goes to an old style country school. It's very small and has had homework about 5-6 times in the last three years, k-2. He just great, us learning and I know where he is academically without him having homework. And his school day is a normal length day, so it can be done.

lizilli lizilli

For all of elementary school my kids were in an after school program run by the YMCA, on the school grounds.  The providers were all student teachers with an accredited teacher, on-site, as director.  All the kids had to finish their homework before going out to play and this put them in the habit of doing their homework immediately after school.  When they hit middle school they rushed home, did their homework and then by 4-5pm were free, unless they had to work on a big project.  High school has way more homework and the expectations are higher but the good habit continues.  I wish all schools would implement an after school homework class.

nonmember avatar Natalie

My sons just finished 2nd and 4th grade. My 4th grader was given weekly homework (due Friday), and I kid you not we worked on it for 2+ hours EVERY. NIGHT. Mon-Thurs (no Fri HW, and it wasn't given until Mon). I went in for conferences 2 or 3 times and finally it got capped at 40 mins each night, whether he was done or not (my idea, but the assistant principal agreed with that, although the teachers wanted him to continue doing at least an hour each 9 years old!). My 2nd grader has roughly 3 minutes of hw each night, and needs no help whatsoever, other than to make him actually do it. My older son has high-functioning autism, the younger was diagnosed with ADHD. The homework needs to be adjusted for each child (which is unrealistic, I know), OR I completely agree with the longer school day. My husband and I work opposite schedules; he works 7-3, I work 9-6 because our kids get on the bus at 8:40, and off the bus at 4:25 now. That way one of us is always there. Even with that, homework was still completely overwhelming us. I LOVE the idea of no more homework!!

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