8 Father's Day Cards That Tell It Like It REALLY Is

Father's day card kid

If there is ever a more fitting time for kids to let their dads know how much they love and appreciate them, it's Father's Day for sure. This coming Sunday is the one day out of the year that's solely dedicated to them, so it's important to make sure to pick out the perfect card to let them know how valued they are.

But can you imagine what Father's Day cards would say if kids were truthful in the messages they write inside?

I'm sure they'd still have the whole, "I love you Dad!" theme going on, but something tells me they'd be a little more ... flavorful.

Here are eight Father's Day cards that speak the truth -- and should give dads a good laugh in the process.

Do your kids make cards or buy cards for Father's Day?


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nonmember avatar Joe

These are flat-out offensive. If these were about women you would never have posted them and women would be up in arms that they even exist.

Denise Marsh

LOL. You obviously didn't see the mother's day cards.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

Oh, get a sense of humor, Joe. LOL

nonmember avatar Joe

You only prove my point. Apparently it is perfectly fine to make men look stupid and incapable of caring for their children. Honestly, would you be ok with it if an article told you that you are an ineffective parent because you are a woman?

Cherie Dickey

I agree with Joe. I didn't find these the least bit funny....well, maybe the tater tot one. The one about riding in the car, and the cell phone actually made my stomach turn. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a perfect example of the prejudice against fathers, and WHY it is completely justified in society AND the court system for a woman to take his kids and treat him like a MAC machine while telling his kids he's a worhtless piece of dirt so they learn to help her make his life a living hell. Meanwhile he is missing his kids, can't afford to keep a home for them when they DO come see him, and the fact that he is broke is used as "evidence" of how incompitant he is. Grow up people.  

nonmember avatar Julie

I agree with Joe.... these are rude, insensitive and disrespectful. Fathers deserve the same respect as mothers they care for their children just the same. Shame on you for even posting this filth!!

Langd... LangdonTagget

Yep those are tasteless, unfunny and offensive.

Thank you sitcom dad stereotypes for setting the bar so incredibly low.

John Alastair

I found many of these funny, but I didn't like number 4 at all. The visual and the words bothered me too much for it to be amusing.

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