7 Kids Who Reveal the Truth About Homeschooling​

Turning 18 and graduating high school is a natural stepping stone for kids before they enter college. And for one Alabama family, they're doing it all. Except by age 12. Kip and Mona Lisa Harding are parents to 10 children. Seven of them have gotten into college by age 12.

And the other three will soon follow suit. Their oldest, now 26, has been an engineer for four years and already holds two masters degrees. Their second oldest daughter is an architect with her own firm. And the other kids are on their way to becoming doctors in the U.S. Navy, computer scientists, musicians/composers, scholars of the Middle Ages, and lawyers.


Take a second to absorb it all.

The 12-year-old who's studying the Middle Ages is a college student with the highest grade in his class. In case you missed it, he's 12. The rest are carving out their own professions, thanks to mom and dad, who have home-schooled all of their children and allowed them to take college entrance exams early.

If the Harding family shows anything, it's that larger families can have attentive and focused homeschool learning for each and every child. So much for stereotypes, huh?

Take a family like the Duggars, for example. They're constantly criticized for their large brood and for not giving enough individual attention to each of the children.

The size of the family doesn't seem to matter. All seven geniuses in the Harding family were taught by their parents. They followed a similar curriculum and were allowed to hone their own interests and find their future career paths. And they made it to college even before they were teenagers! 

Sounds like a win for big families to us.

Seriously, though. What's in their water?

Would you ever consider homeschooling for your kids?


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