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nonmember avatar Samantha

The best I've seen was a T-rec with stick limbs in its mouth, stick figures running away and a caption: "your stick figure family was delicious"

Mrs.B... Mrs.Bolin

I love my little normal stick family on my car. So for those of you that find it annoying and don't like it...you can go find a stick and shove it where the sun don't shine

virgo... virgoariesmama

My dads is better its his 3 ex wives with a red x through their faces and then us kids

the4m... the4mutts

I wouldn't put my family info on the back of my car, (hello, if ppl know there are kids, they know who's car to rob at the mall during the holidays)

but Im looking for SOMETHING to put there. I just haven't decided what....

But it's going to be epic :D

Rhodin Rhodin

When I finally cave and get a minivan, I'd like to get a sticker that reads "Not a CIA van >.>".  It'll be true, too...or will it?

CLM3345 CLM3345

Wow, Mrs.Bolin - pull that stick that's already up there out and maybe you can find your sense of humor again.

A friend of mine has the T-rex one the other commenter described and it's pretty funny. I don't have stickers of any kind but it's just because they fade and most of the funny ones are only funny the first couple times you see them. I occasionally put an adopt a shelter pet magnet on there

MomLi... MomLily67

In some countries, it could be an invitation for kidnappers, so sad, but true..

nonmember avatar Marcey

I can 't understand why someone would be annoyed how another person would be proud of their family or for showing they are proud. People need to get a grip on what should be annoying. Personally I find vulgar words and sexual innuendos displayed on vehicles to be worth more of my annoyance than a proud of mr family stick figure!! Then again family values in this country has no place in our homes or public anymore but sex drugs and vulgarity does.

Angie Bachicha Kissner

I'm with you Marcey. The only one it hour as cute was 6 and 11 was just plain disgusting. In a country where families don't stay together I think it's sad that we are annoyed by people celebrating their families but making light of the fact that their marriage fell apart is okay. That's just wrong.

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