School Lets Kids Vote on 'Most Gullible' Classmate (VIDEO)

carmel dennis harr Bullying can go down in many ways, but usually, parents typically don't expect it to in a way that's actually sanctioned by a school. Still, that's what some might argue class superlatives are -- especially the kind that have mean-spirited overtones. Case in point: One mom in Texas is outraged that her 11-year-old son who is on the autism spectrum was voted "most gullible" and "drama king" by his fifth-grade peers. 

Dennis Harr was reportedly set to receive the alleged distinctions at Grady B. Rasco Middle School's award ceremony. But before the event occurred, he came home and asked his mother, Carmel Harr, "What does gullible mean?" alerting her to the upsetting situation.

According to Carmel, she was even more upset upon learning that the blatantly negative labels were created by a small group of teachers. Insane!

Carmel took action and, in turn, the superintendent cancelled the awards ceremony for the students altogether. Although I'm sure some kids were likely set to be honored for achievements, axing it altogether was probably for the best, considering the nature of some of these superlatives.

What happened to Dennis is absolutely heartbreaking, and worst of all, it sounds like adults set the stage for what happened here. It could have been totally avoided had they come up with only positive superlatives. Labels like "most likely to end up on SNL," "most likely to replace Ben Affleck as Batman," or "most likely to run for president" are all fun and totally acceptable. That's all these sorts of labels should EVER be! There's no need to allow any room for fingerpointing, mocking, and negativity -- especially for middle schoolers, who are already way too likely to give one another a supremely hard time!

How do you feel class superlatives should be handled?

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Corinne Howard

I was always upset by these when I was in middle school and high school. I was usually on the butt end of one of the negative ones...or even one of the positive ones turned into a mockery. In middle school there was a dance where they were giving out awards for "most stylish couple," etc. I was voted half of "cutest couple" with a boy I wasn't even friends with, let alone was dating. I pitched a fit and refused to participate. In high school I was voted "most likely to live alone with cats."

So, IMHO, these should not be allowed. Even well meaning ones can be turned into a mockery. Kids can be cruel and teachers need to stand up for ALL their students to prevent bullying, and not create avenues that students can use to harm their peers.

ba13y... ba13ygrl1987

Oh grow a backbone. Good lord. Schools across the country vote students most likely to be.... If you don't want your snowflake labelled a drama king then don't allow him to be one. Stop using a genetic condition as an excuse. We're raising a generation of whiney babies. When I was in highschool and we didn't like what we got voted most likely to do we said well that's just not true, and then we moved on. We didn't cry about it and run to the news media. That boy is going to now be disliked by all his peers even more because he and his mom are the reason their award ceremony was cancelled. Instead of teaching her son to cry anytime he doesn't like something she could've put a positive spin on it.

nonmember avatar Moon

Class superlatives suck. When I was in middle school I was voted "most likely to be on Jerry Springer" because of my sexual orientation. It really hurt my feelings. I didnt make a scene, but this mom is right to be outraged. I would be too if teachers did this to one of my children!

Heather Capra

Over-reaction.Since when is being called gullible an insult? People need to enter the world with some thick skin or they are going to have a rude awaking.

Melissa Orruego

Some of you are cruel and stupid, just plain assholes. What's wrong with you? Isn't life hard enough without teachers making fun of you in front of the whole school? This boy didn't even go crying to his mama, he didn't even know what it meant showing that he really shouldn't be treated like that. You tell a ten year old to grow up? WTF, they are growing up, do they really need to grow up believing that they are less than others. Fricking nut cases, I hope that your kid isn't treated in some disrespectful manner and you tell him/her "grow some balls". You people just make me sick!

kam0011 kam0011

I agree with you Melissa.

Christene Jaramillo

My guess is that heather, and ba13ygrl1987 are both moms of younger children and have not yet had to experience their children being the targeting of bullying.  Their children are probably do not have to face the daily challenges of any type of delay or disorder.  I just hope that they teach their children compassion and empathy in place of the "get over it" attitude.  I'm guessing they have yet to have their child come home from school on an almost daily basis, depressed and in tears because a disability that they cannot just "get over" causes them to be the "weird" or "odd" ones in class.  


Its really dissapointing to see that we live in a culture so void of empathy for children. 

abra819 abra819're a cunt.

Bruic... Bruickson

Heather, when has being called gullible NOT been an insult?  I don't think you know what it means.

And ba13y, how would one put a positive spin on this?  Your entire comment is just ridiculous.

Mommy... Mommyfreckles

Sorry but I was the one that got the butt end of the joke too and it was very hurtful and I still remember it to this day. I got a "negative" award, but the teacher was unaware that my sister had just died and my mom was a schizophrenic drug addict. Instead of encouraging students to do their best, they just make them targets for mockery and school can become unbearable. People who say kids need to grow thick skin should also grow some empathy! Maybe you were never subjected to this kind of ridicule, but since when is this something that even needs to be in a school? Also, if you cant see how wrong and stupid this is, than maybe you were a bully at one time and havent grown out of it. My god father taught me wrong from right and there is no question of where this falls.

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