LeAnn Rimes Is the Best Stepmother Anyone Could Hope For

leann rimesEnsue Twitter war in five ... four ... three ... LeAnn Rimes recently caused a stir when she said that Eddie Cibrian's children are "her life." The country star, who famously stole Cibrian from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, has a history of gushing over her stepchildren on social media ... and a history of seriously pissing Brandi off for doing so.

On the one hand, it is 100 percent understandable why LeAnn's constant comments about how much she loves "her boys," etc., would irritate their "real" mom. But on the other, isn't this better than her not making her stepkids a priority?

I'm sure it stings Brandi every time LeAnn posts a photo of her children to social media (to her 550K+ followers) and talks about how they're her world, but at least she knows her kids are loved and in good hands when she's not with them.

Brandi and LeAnn's situation is unique in that they're A) famous, and B) both wildly childish. But the core issue these two ladies raise -- a stepmom constantly gushing over "her kids" -- is one many can relate to. Would that bother you?

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Ultimately, all any parent wants is for their children to be happy, healthy, and loved. And when there's a divorce and joint custody involved, sadly both parents can't constantly check to see if their child's needs are being met. As irritating as it may be to have someone else posting photos of your children when you're not with them -- and telling the world that they're their "babies," etc. -- it would be such a relief, knowing they're well-taken care of when they're not with you.

It's sad that LeAnn and Brandi can't bury the hatchet once and for all and just get along for Brandi and Eddie's boys. But hey, at least it seems like the kids are happy. What's more important than that?

Do you think LeAnn is out of line, constantly gushing about her stepsons?


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April Marie McIntyre

The reality is that while caring for her stepkids like they are her own is good acting like they are her own is not. My stepdaughter's mother couldn't handle that I treated her daughter like my own daugters either. The difference was that I never tried to act like I had gone through the early parts the pregnancy the birth the sleepless nights were all to her credit. So while I loved and was proud of her I always made clear that she was my stepdaughter and that while I loved her like my own she was her mothers daughter, and my husbands, and I was lucky to be able to be there. Showing respect for the "real" mom while caring for the child is what is called for.

nonmember avatar Lindi

Yes, LeAnne is out of line, because she is hurting these kid's mother on purpose and igniting Twitter wars with her. One day these boys will be old enough to understand all of this, and that is really sad. Yes, you want your children to have loving step parents, but not someone who had a affair with your father and then chooses to taunt your mother pubicly instead of protecting their privacy.

tbruc... tbrucemom

They are not her "babies". Yes I appreciate the role of stepparents. My husband is a wonderful stepparent to my grown children, actually better than their real dad at this point and my son is an awesome stepparent to his stepson. However, I would be pissed at a woman who cheated with my husband is now posting pictures of MY babies like they're her own.

Leslie Johnson

I always liked LeAnn, but her stepchildren are not "her babies".  My son currently lives with his father and his wife.  It pleases me that she treats my son well, but he is definitely not "her baby".   On the other hand, my daughter lives with me and does not want to spend any time at all with her stepmother.  That makes me sad because it's not healthy to completely hate the woman. 

Bess Moore

She could be the "wicked" stepmother!! Wouldn't that be worse?? It's about the boys ---- not the jealous mother!!

nonmember avatar Jessica

I am on both sides of the fence I have a daughter and my husband is wonderful with her he never refers to her as his "step daughter" only as his daughter her bio dad isn't really in the picture by his own choice... And my husbands oldest daughter my "step daughter" is my daughter we are a family they are our children and it's our choice... In my opinion these children are extra special because in most cases it gives them two moms and two dads... What is better than all that love in their lives.... Would this still be an issue it it was a grandparent saying "my babies" or "my boys" they didn't carry them or spend sleepless nights taking care of them but as a grandparent it's their right to love snuggle and gush about their babies all they want!!!! People are to worried about other peoples lives spend your time with your children and regardless if someone else calls them their babies or not they will know who their mother is!

nonmember avatar Gracie Cruz

No she is not out of line..if the real mom has a problem with leann loving them as her own then dont read her post geez!! I understand that she probably still hurts that he is with another woman...but in the best interest of the kids they are loved and cared for as the real mom would do ...geez

candi... candiebaldwin

I had a step mom and she hated me. Any one could tell she favored her kids.... didn't help I didn't meet my dad till I was 13. Either way having been through this if my husband left and found someone else I would prefer they treat my kids like Leeann. I mean yes it would hurt but I would be happy at the same time. At least this way they have love and affection and deep down we as "birth moms" (not the ones that give their kids up because they don't want them but the real birth mom's who are actually moms) know that our kids love us the most always and that we have a bond no one can take away.

Heather Marie Sisemore

I am a full time mom whose would LOVE to see my daughters step mother showing her some love. In reality she does not care. She is jealous that 'her' kids have to share their dad. I see how it hurts my daughter. The anger over our former relationship is done and over and my daughter is the priority. Her happiness comes first. If her stepmother and father gave a damn I would be thrilled that my daughter has 2 families who love her. Get over it. It is about the kids, not bickering adults. I give her props for gushing about them.


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