Parents' Violent Sign Threatening to Kill People: Not Funny​

stop signThere are few things most of us wouldn't do to protect our kids. But a set of parents in one neighborhood is taking some serious heat for their latest plan to keep their kids safe. They erected a controversial sign, with a picture of a gun, warning speeding drivers to slow down.

A photo of the sign in Wayne, New Jersey, has gone viral, with parents split on whether the mother and father of three young kids -- ages 10 to 13 -- have gone too far or not far enough. After all, this is no, "Slow, Kids at Play" sign. Instead, it reads:

WARNING -- If you hit one of these kids because you are speeding you will not need a lawyer

Underneath is the outline of a gun because, hint, hint, you're gonna die.

Some folks are offended. Others say it's much more effective than your standard sign.

And maybe it will be.

But you know what's more effective? Keeping your darn kids out of the road.

If we've seen it once, we've seen it a hundred times. Parents erect signs in the neighborhood, warning drivers to lay off the gas, and then proceed to allow their kids to play in the street.

Then they curse and scream and shake their fists at drivers for being "irresponsible." Really?

Now, now, we're not saying this couple in Wayne is irresponsible. For all we know, their kids may never even leave the front stoop.

But the fact remains that road signs are no guarantee that your kids are going to be safe. Anyone in law enforcement or on a highway crew can tell you that they can put up 1,000 signs, and drop the speed limit down to turtle, and it still will not keep all drivers on the straight and narrow in residential neighborhoods. It stinks, but unfortunately, that's life.

Teaching your kids basic safety rules and keeping an eye on them, on the other hand, does guarantee their safety. If your kid knows better than to play in the street, if they know to look both ways before chasing a ball into the road, if you actually watch them until they're old enough to use common sense -- even if you're watching out the window (no one says you need to be up their rear ends) -- accidents are much less likely to happen, even when there are idiot drivers about.

At the end of the day, it's our responsibility to protect our kids, not the drivers in our neighborhood.

What do you make of this sign? Would you put it up? 


Image via Michael Pareckas/Flickr



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nonmember avatar MomthatWalks

Sorry but I side with the sign makers. What you say is true for public streets and highways but when a kid is playing in their neighborhood how are they in the wrong? I don't care what else is going on in your life, if you're operating a vehicle you are responsible for any damages you cause, period. People need to slow down. Stop being so self important and egocentric. I get run off the road and bullied by drivers to often to count. I have 2 little boys and I'm 7 months pregnant. I'm a very cautious and vigilant pedestrian but drivers still seem to think its acceptable to honk at me, yell at me and scare my children. Like I said, I'm with the sign makers. I keep a big rock in my stroller for the next person who endangers mine and my kids lives. It won't come close to killing anyone but I could leave them a nice reminder of our interaction.

D.j. Lord

one of the speeders loses control of car and runs off the road and hits one of the kids...feel better now,jeanne?

japan... japanmommy

Children are quick and it just takes a moment for them to chase a toy in the street. While yes parents should watch a kid does that mean a child should be the one punished? People need to slow down in neighborhoods.

nonmember avatar Meghan

I'm sorry... I have to ask, how is watching your kids from out a window going to guarantee their safety from cars? Unless your telekinetic, I don't really see what good that would do.

nonmember avatar Kat

If this was a major roadway then sure... don't let your kids play in the street. However, I live in a neighborhood where kids play street hockey, ride bikes, play basketball, football, and run through the neighborhood sprinklers. The speed limit is 15 mph. Some people go close to 35 40 mph down narrow streets. Never mind the children but the cars that are parked as well. My neighbor shoots those people's cars with his paintball gun and we laugh and laugh and laugh. What's even funnier is the driver is going so fast they don't even notice.

Frost... FrostyMelted

The sign is just further proof of what happens when we allow stupid people to have kids.

Angie Gaines Poehl

I guess Jeanne Sager never played in the street as a kid. Sad.

Charl... Charlyla2

I am totally with the parents. There are s lot of variables here but I assume they aren't on a highway or heavily trafficked street. I live on 80 acres of farm land and we have river access through our property. We allow friends and friends of friends use our driveway to get to the river. We have actually had to ban people from our property because they would just speed through like dumbasses. After they were repeatedly warned to slow down because we have children. Even though we have a fenced yard. It takes about 10 seconds for my 3year old to scale the fence. You can bet if someone hits my kids they won't leave this property alive.

princ... princezzmommie

this sign just pisses me off. instead of parents parenting and doing thier job by keep thier kids safe, they are laying the blame on the driver.  The fact remains, cars belong in streets. Children don't. If your child is somewhere they dont need to be, whose really at fault? the person who is doing what they need to do or the parent who is not?  I'm sure I'll get bashed for this but if your kid is in the street and doesn't know to get out of the way of an oncoming car, you are failing as a parent. You need to teach your child to be safe and quite possibly the number one rule of safety while playing outdoors is to stay out of the street. 

Saras... Sarasahmof3

my street block the side walks by parallel parking on the sidewalk in such a way that they block the entire sidewalk. They also try to put four cars in a spot that's on design for 2 cars also blocking the entire sidewalk. Forcing children and other Pedestrian to walk out into the street.

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