6 Terrific Teacher Gifts Kids Can Create on Their Own

Jeanne Sager | Jun 4, 2014 Big Kid

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It always happens. The holidays or the end of the school year sneaks up on us, and all of a sudden, we're crunched for time to find some way to thank the teacher who has poured a whole lot of love and knowledge into our kids. This is the year that we will not be rushed! Desperate for some ideas for that teacher gift? Help is on the way! We found some DIY crafts that are perfect for the kids to take on, all by themselves! 

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Good teachers are worth their weight in gold. And when it comes time for the holidays or the end of the year, we want to make sure they know that they are appreciated (especially if our kids loved them!). Teachers love gifts that show the children in their classroom really appreciate them, and these crafty ideas from some of the craftiest bloggers on the web are all designed with kids in mind -- yep, kids can actually make every single one! So why not sit the kiddos down and start to plan the teachers' gifts now? It's going to be time to give those presents sooner than one would think! 

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What are the kids giving their teacher this year? Is it as easy to make as #5?