Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids Break Her Outrageous Parenting Rules (Uh-Oh) ​

Gwyneth PaltrowDid you hear an odd sound this week? It might have been Gwyneth Paltrow screaming in anguish. Her kids, Apple and Moses, were recently spotted scarfing down ... wait for it ... fast food!

And not just any fast food! Gwynnie's soon-to-be ex-husband Chris Martin reportedly took his 8- and 10-year-old out for French fries. Greasy, carb-laden French fries. So much for keeping her kids on healthy diets, huh?

OK, OK, hold your glee at one of America's most hated moms getting her comeuppance to a minimum, would ya? The truth is, GOOP-y sanctimony aside, Gwyneth's infamously draconian food rules are not actually that uncommon. We've all met that mom on the playground who insists her kids just lurv them some kale and carob and wouldn't even think of touching a cupcake.

Let this big celebrity brouhaha be a lesson to all of them!

Yes, many kids love kale. But most of them also love cupcakes ... and hot dogs ... and French fries.

When you make certain foods verboten, instead of teaching kids to enjoy everything in moderation, you tend to set them up for just what Apple and Moses were reportedly seen doing -- scarfing down their unhealthy eats like there was no tomorrow. It's like sending a kid off to college who has never seen alcohol being enjoyed responsibly. They haven't seen good practices, and they don't know where to begin!

We aren't knocking Gwyneth -- or any mom really -- for watching what her kids eat. Kids should certainly be eating healthy foods! But it's also a parent's responsibility to let the "bad" foods trickle in once in awhile, to show our kids good practices.

It's during childhood that we learn to balance out the good and the bad foods. One cupcake a week, one piece of a chocolate a day, one birthday party full of sweets a month ... that's not going to kill a kid. In fact, letting kids indulge once in awhile teaches them how to incorporate "treats" into their life without going overboard ... you know, like scarfing down French fries.

How do you handle "treats" vs. healthy food?


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PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Good!  The occasional french fry is not going to hurt them. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

Exactly, everything in moderation. A trip to McDonalds now and again will not kill you. But I've known a lot of parents who go in to parenting thinking "My child will ONLY eat organic vegetables and fruits and blah blah..." and then reality hits, someone gives the kid a cheeto (which is what happened to me) and they realize they can only keep things from their kid for so long. If they eat junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that's no good. But every once in awhile never hurt anyone. Though I'm surprised to see a lack of immediate comments regarding diet... namely, gluten.

Melissa Orruego

This is so stupid, parents have the right to determine what their kids are going to eat. If one parent says one thing and the other says another then compromise has to be made. But if some parents don't want their kids eating freaking junk food, what do you care. Feeling guilty cause you aren't so careful. Look my kids eat their faire share but I don't go around judging parents for their choices. 

nonmember avatar Natalia

How about educating yourself and teaching your kids what food is good and what is not. Occasional French fries will not KILL your kid but won't do them any good either. I will protect my son from all the crap as long as I can. And I make sure he gets nutrinal homecooked meals every day and yes he has desserts but made with real food ingredients and no processed food ever! He is three now and thinks that lolly pop is a toy. It is making me sick just thinking about any kid eating anything from McDonalds. There is no place for moderation when it comes to junk! Yes I cannot protect my kid forever but I will do everything in my power to teach him the nutrition

nonmember avatar mar

My kid eats no sugar or simple carbs whatsoever. I can't fathom why anyone would give sugar, potatoes, or rice to their kid. Even if it's home cooked, now it's just home cooked junked.

Spapi... Spapillion

Hey Mar! Why don't you get off your high horse? You can't fathom why people would feed their kids these things? You are so judgemental! If you don't want to feed your kids that stuff then don't but don't get sanctimonious and judgemental to those who do!

nonmember avatar Terri

Natalia and Mar, did you breast feed? I certainly hope so if you're so obsessed with their health and nutrition now.

CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

I am on the side of Natalie and Mar BUT my husband is a fast food lover. My kids, much to my chagrin, get both extremes in their diets (hopefully not too much of the junk). There is not too much I can do about it and now that Gwen has consciously uncoupled she really has no control on 50% of their diets. Ha ha ha!

merma... mermaid13dragon

Mar - we eat very well, as organic as possible - I'm curious why no rice or potato?(carbs) if it's organically grown potato, non-gmo what would be wrong with giving it to them, cooked at home?

My kids have ever eaten fast food in their lives from any of those places, but they have eaten french fries in a restaurant once in a while... 

Roche... RochesterGal

I was raised by a Registered Dietician and we ate balanced meals and moderate portions.  I raised my kids the same.  I only gave my kids pop on holidays or when they went to parties, never bought juice, only ate candy at parties, Halloween, Christmas and Easter, hardly went to fast food places because I did not like the food and they felt the same.  I gave them treats in moderation - cookies, chips, ice cream, fried foods and now as adults they eat in moderation and sensibly and notice when other people do not.  I served them salads with oil and vinegar and they loved it as kids, veggies without creamy sauces and a little butter and they loved it. If they grow eating healthy they will eat healthy for the most part, but treats what ever they might be, will not hurt them every now and then. 


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