Kids' Dictionary Contains Shocking Definitions (PHOTOS)​​​

Golden DictionaryIt really goes without saying that books are good for kids. Every study on literacy and learning since the beginning of time has told us that the more books you give kids when they are little, the better off they will be, right? But a word to the wise -- you might want to check the copyright date on that children's book before you hand it over. 

Because as the times change, so does what parents find acceptable to show their kids. Don't believe us? We unearthed a vintage children's dictionary, first printed in 1944, that's chock full of sexism, racism, and plenty more "isms" that will make your skin crawl!


The Golden Dictionary boasts 1,030 words and more than 1,500 pictures (in color, no less!). Written by an Ellen Wales Walpole and illustrated by "Miss Elliott," it was on its 35th printing in 1969, which is when kids were still being taught that girls are stuck in dresses and some rather backward terminology. It's a nice little reminder that just because something was once made for kids doesn't mean it's really kid-friendly.

So, get ready for your time warp, because we're about to dive in ...

Would you stock this dictionary on your child's shelf? Even with #18?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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