​Camera Catches Teacher Grabbing Kindergartner By Face (VIDEO)

teacher caught abusing studentWhen we send our kids to school, we are trusting the teachers to teach them, to look after them, especially when they are in kindergarten and so young. I want to acknowledge that there are so many wonderful teachers, but this one terrifies me.

Kindergarten teacher Barb Williams of Riverdale School in Hancock County, Ohio, is seen in this surveillance video aggressively lifting 6-year-old Ian Nelson off his feet and pushing him against the wall. She also grabs him by the face and shirt, before following him into the bathroom.

This video makes me very upset, so prepare yourself before watching it. 

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There is no reason a teacher should be doing this to a child. I don't care what the kid did or didn't do. Physical violence against a child is wrong. Ian's head is seen flopping back. He rubs his chin after she grabs it. It's clear he is hurting. It makes me even more upset thinking about what possibly happened in the bathroom out of the view of cameras. And this is all without sound. What could she have been saying to him? Why was she out of control like this?

Naturally, Ian's parents, Anthony and Autumn Nelson of Wharton, are upset. The teacher has only been suspended for 10 days. Since there are only 10 more days left in the school year, that's the most the school could do. But I think more needs to be done. If this teacher has an issue with her temper or self-control around children, then she shouldn't be a teacher. Ian's dad Anthony made an excellent point: "I would consider what would happen to myself, if I were to do that to her. If I were to do that to her, I would go to jail," he said. He's right.

Williams is the adult. She is much larger and older than this 6-year-old child. Her behavior was wrong.

Ian's mom watched the video and cried. The parents are taking it to the police to file charges. They do not want Williams teaching there anymore. I'm worried for Ian, and glad his school year is almost over. That hurt his own teacher inflicted on him is physical and emotional. If this happened to my child, I would do the same thing -- take it to the police. I'd speak to my son to try to find out exactly what happened. I'd want to speak to the teacher as well to get her side of the story. I hope they come to a positive resolution to help everyone involved. And I hope Ian is able to move on from this.

How did seeing this make you feel? What would you do if this was your child?

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Hello07 Hello07

That's assault. She needs to be arrested.

happi... happinessforyou

Jesus! That is just crazy... that damn woman needs a new job!

Snapp... SnappleQueen

My kid wouldn't be attending that school anymore. Crazy people work there.

Waiti... WaitingforApril

She would be getting a knock on her front door.

nonmember avatar illuminatus

If this fat angry bitch did this to my child!? I would literally beat her to an inch of her life!..and break her arms like a chicken wing. Where I'm from this WOULD NOT stand. I hope she gets sued to death and slapped down to the dirt,where she belongs!!..this is absolutely disgusting.

nonmember avatar illuminatus

Sorry if my last comment was too strong. I'm outraged at this! It made my wife literally nauseous.

MrsB2011 MrsB2011

No I agree w your first comment illumintaus. I'd hurt her worse than she could imagine. And demand that she be thrown in jail

nonmember avatar Emma

Wow this woman should not be allowed back to teach in a school I hope his parents are able to press charges againsed her. And if that was my child I would attempt to life her fat ass up and do the same to her.

sandy... sandy201282

I would have beat her ass...and then call the police..id gladly take an assult charge.

Charl... Charlyla2

Suspension??? Why wasn't she arrested? This is disgustingly inappropriate behavior caught on camera and she is just suspended? Is it any wonder why bullying is such an epidemic? The bullies don't get punished!

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