5-Year-Old Boy Kicked Out of Playgroup for Wearing Pink Dresses (VIDEO)

romeo clarkeRomeo Clarke is like many 5-year-old boys in that he just wants to do what his older siblings are doing. Thing is, though, his older siblings are wearing dresses -- pink sparkly dresses to be exact. So, for this adorable little boy in England, dresses and play high heels it is. Naturally, though, the whole little-boy-in-a-dress thing isn't sitting well with everyone. In fact, Romeo was actually banned from his church-run playgroup for "upsetting and confusing" the other children with his penchant for traditionally girly clothes.

Romeo's mother, Georgina, was understandably furious and has filed a complaint against the playgroup. "All I could ask was 'why?,'" she said. You see, to her, Romeo isn't weird or strange at all. He's just her son. "This is not a case of him being trapped in a girl’s body. He has three big sisters, he likes wearing dresses. What’s wrong with that?'"

Yeah. What is wrong with that?

First of all, let's set something straight: Even if Romeo did feel he was really a girl trapped in a boy's body, there's nothing wrong with that at all. But that's not what this is about. This is about a child who's deviating from society's norm and doing things his way -- and how society can't seem to handle that.

Children aren't, and shouldn't be, carbon copies of one another. They should enjoy the things they truly love and have a passion for (even if that happens to be dresses!), without feeling pressure to do otherwise. Where we come in as parents is letting our precious children know that they're okay as is. We need to convey the message, clear as day, that just because they're into something different, something that might freak close-minded people out a bit, it's okay, and they should keep doing it. There's nothing wrong with them, there's something wrong with society. The only people we need to work to change are the people who want to make our kids feel uncomfortable or wrong for having an interest in something they don't. Because at the end of the day, they're just scared. And the happiness of a child should have no direct correlation to the fear of another person.

Good for you, Romeo, for taking the path less traveled. And good for Romeo's parents for being exactly the kind of loving compassionate role models every child deserves.

What do you think of Romeo being kicked out of his playgroup?

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Todd Vrancic

For pity's sake, this kid is five!  If he decided he wanted to play with the kitchen stuff would they also have a cow?

Mzmum231 Mzmum231

I think it is truly your choice to allow or encourage this behavior, but what about the rights of the other children in the group. Their parents have the right to mold them and teach them the things they feel are right too. Perhaps they don't think their young minds are ready for this now forced conversation.

Mary Vance Nasvik

There is NOTHING wrong with playing dress-up.  At that young age, what's wrong with that??  How many of the great fashion designers are men?

nonmember avatar Shawn_Dani

Actually Mzmum231 the other kids and parents have a right to remove themselves from any situation that makes them uncomfortable and that preserves their good ole values. They do not have a right to discriminate against a five year old boy.

natas... natashamerrick

Ugh, if my son LOVED pink and playing dress-up I would make him a pink sparkly suit! He isn't a princess, he is a prince for crying out loud! Its one thing to allow playing with sisters and its another to send him out in a dress. I have 4 boys...sorry moms...society is screwed up enough. Who really wants to confuse kids at such a young age?!

nonmember avatar kristen

@natashamerrick how about you stop forcing gender roles on children based off their genitalia. He's not a prince, he's whatever the heck he wants to be, and you act like men don't wear dresses or skirts in other cultures. Just because you have preconceive notions about what boys should and should not wear based off of your upbringing doesn't impact the fact that it has nothing to do with what another boy wants to do. I'm glad your high horse makes it so much easier for you to be superficially judgmental.

kemcl... kemclaughlin

What conversation?  He likes dresses.  There is nothing confusing about this.  If kids have questions, all you have to tell them is that he likes dresses because that's what his big sisters wear.  He has plenty of time to be rejected by everyone around him, let him enjoy this while he is innocent enough.  He's five, kids love what they see.  Teaching them distain for things considered femine is very destructive.  He's not a cross-dresser, he's not transgendered, he isn't doing anything wrong, by anyone's standards but misogynistic adults who cannot see the beauty in a child who wants to be who he is, and express himself in a way that is considered normal for girls and taboo for boys.  If a girl wanted to wear boy clothes, no one would question her at all.  

Lucki... Luckicharmz

@natashamerrick - seriously?! Take your gender stereotypes and shove em where the sun don't shine. Children don't have gender stereotypes until they are put there by their PARENTS and other adult members of society. They don't diferentiate between pants, skirts or suits and dresses, kitchen sets or tools. They wear what they like and do what they want because their brains DON'T CARE.


nonmember avatar Sarah

What I find annoying is that a lot of people find it adorable when girls dress like tomboys, but horrific when boys wear dresses. I don't know about you, but I used to put on my dad's suits and ties and pretend to be a businessman. Everyone thought it was adorable, I have photos. Why in the world is it different for boys who want to dress up like mommy or a princess or whatever? Don't confuse them by telling them it's 'bad'. Let them have fun and express themselves while they still can, it only gets harder as they get older.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Well in a church-run playgroup can you REALLY be that surprised?

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