5-Year-Old Boy Kicked Out of Playgroup for Wearing Pink Dresses (VIDEO)

romeo clarkeRomeo Clarke is like many 5-year-old boys in that he just wants to do what his older siblings are doing. Thing is, though, his older siblings are wearing dresses -- pink sparkly dresses to be exact. So, for this adorable little boy in England, dresses and play high heels it is. Naturally, though, the whole little-boy-in-a-dress thing isn't sitting well with everyone. In fact, Romeo was actually banned from his church-run playgroup for "upsetting and confusing" the other children with his penchant for traditionally girly clothes.

Romeo's mother, Georgina, was understandably furious and has filed a complaint against the playgroup. "All I could ask was 'why?,'" she said. You see, to her, Romeo isn't weird or strange at all. He's just her son. "This is not a case of him being trapped in a girl’s body. He has three big sisters, he likes wearing dresses. What’s wrong with that?'"

Yeah. What is wrong with that?


First of all, let's set something straight: Even if Romeo did feel he was really a girl trapped in a boy's body, there's nothing wrong with that at all. But that's not what this is about. This is about a child who's deviating from society's norm and doing things his way -- and how society can't seem to handle that.

Children aren't, and shouldn't be, carbon copies of one another. They should enjoy the things they truly love and have a passion for (even if that happens to be dresses!), without feeling pressure to do otherwise. Where we come in as parents is letting our precious children know that they're okay as is. We need to convey the message, clear as day, that just because they're into something different, something that might freak close-minded people out a bit, it's okay, and they should keep doing it. There's nothing wrong with them, there's something wrong with society. The only people we need to work to change are the people who want to make our kids feel uncomfortable or wrong for having an interest in something they don't. Because at the end of the day, they're just scared. And the happiness of a child should have no direct correlation to the fear of another person.

Good for you, Romeo, for taking the path less traveled. And good for Romeo's parents for being exactly the kind of loving compassionate role models every child deserves.

What do you think of Romeo being kicked out of his playgroup?

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