Mom Makes Risky Decision to Show 8-Year-Old Her Birth Video

little girl watches birth videoCameras in the delivery room are not a new thing. Countless parents are choosing to film the beautiful (and emotional, and let's be real, graphic) arrivals of their little ones to forever commemorate each and every detail of the process. But then, what do you do? When do you choose to view the birth video again? And better yet, when do you finally sit down and have your child watch their entrance into the world?

There's currently a video going around of an 8-year-old girl watching her birth video with her mom. It's sweet and beautiful and she has all the emotions, but the most interesting part is that she's able come out (no pun intended) seemingly unscathed. Sure, it's a precious moment shared between a mother and her daughter, and no doubt, one that they'll both remember forever. But let's just pause for a second and really think about when parents should be showing birth videos to their children.

Sex education classes begin, on average, in the fifth or sixth grade, when children are between 10 and 11 years old. They're just beginning to experience changes in their bodies and will soon go through puberty. It makes sense.

But does an 8-year-old, a third grader, mind you, really need to watch her arrival? Is this the best way to explain to the kid "where babies comes from"? Just plop them down on the couch and have them watch as their mother pains through their delivery?

Birthing videos are shocking enough, even when they're of a complete stranger, and viewed with a sex ed class full of prepubescent preteens. But when it's your own mother, writhing in pain and pushing you out, everything becomes just a tad bit more... real. And entirely jarring.

Sure, it's important for children to learn and understand how babies are created and how they're delivered. But a vivid moment like this might just be best saved for when she's a little bit more conscious of the entire process. Or for a time when she can maybe avoid mom for a little while. Looking her in the eyes after witnessing something like that might be a little rough. At least it would be for some of us.

Check it out:

At what age would you let your child view their birthing video? Did you even film your child's birth?


Image via Directions for Dummies/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Haha

Well, considering my child has watched animals deliver since months old, including difficult deliveries and c sections... I wouldn't hesitate a second at any age. There's nothing wrong with a child seeing what's natural provided questions are answered appropriately and maturely.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

A better question is: Whythis author is questioning let alone writing anything about motherhood, when she herself is not a mother?

kayba... kaybayblee3

I think that it's pretty neat. I wish I was able to film my kid's delivery to show them later on(our hospital didn't allow cameras until after the birth) Although husband was able to take pictures of an almost a play by play of my son being born via c section which is super cool IMO and I'll show those later on if they ask. I don't see anything tramatizing with showing kids how they were brought into this world if they ask.

Robin Hartman

What a beautiful moment to have to share with your child! Wish I had dome that to show my 9 year old. 

Robin Hartman

done, not dome. And why is it a risky decision?

nonmember avatar cassieopia

I filmed my nephews birth while simultaneously holding the proud passed out papa, so he didn't hit the floor face first! I had everyone of my birthday documented by camera- photos-, as we didn't have a recorder... I have some very graphic photos of a very graphic happening... my kids can and will see them whenever they ask.

Maureen Bridget Hickey

I see nothing wrong with this! I would rather my child learn some things from me, rather than their friends. Plus, I would like my child to be able to ask questions without feeling awkward in a room full of classmates. As a 3rd grade teacher, you'd be surprised at how mature, smart, and intuitive some kids can be.

Nicol... NicoleLeahsMom

The author must not have children. It's a beautiful experience, and not at all "jarring." Both of my children's births were, quiet, calm, and special. To say that a child would need to avoid their mom after watching the video of their birth is ridiculous.

da_mi... da_miranda

My son is now 5, and i showed him his C-Section before, i forgot on what age, maybe around 3 / 4 ? and it was okay. he was scared with the red blood around my belly, and think he was injured since he was coverd with blood. But after a good explanation that he was okay, and mommy was okay, but had to experience pain during the Inducing and after the c-saection, he said : I would never hurt you anymore mommy.. I'm sorry I've been a spoiled kid.. I love you.. But put it within a week and he totally forget and being a kid. you know, complaining, running away when it's time to get to the bed / shower etc.. But love him for everything he is though..

deann... deannamidwife

We took pics and video all 4 of our children's births. They r all grown with children of their own, and they know I have them. Only my youngest child (daughter) has seen her pics and video if her birth, and she was about 20 yrs old before she asked. My sons have no interest in seeing them, even though my older son is married with two kiddo of his own. My oldest daughter has two kiddos and a third on the way, and I have deliveried them. She still has no interest seeing her own pic of her kiddos or her own birth video. My kids say those r for me to look back on and remember their births. So I have never pushed or had any further decussion with them about it. They know at anytime they r welcome to look at their pics and watch their videos. I think with my kids it was their choice, and I respect their choice either way. I think the parent knows their own child and there reaction, and I think its up to them. Even at births I've delivered the father has went and got the older kiddos right before mommy has the baby. So for some kiddos they have seen it live so a video is no big deal. But again that's totally up to the parents to make that choice. We have had the older kiddos even cut the cord with their parents approval. So I feel its totally up to the family to make those dessicions.

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