Actress Julie Bowen Lets Her Young Sons Watch Her Shower​ (VIDEO)

Julie BowenOh. Good. Grief. Did you hear what Modern Family actress Julie Bowen lets her sons do? Wait, scratch that, did you hear how the pearl clutchers are reacting to Julie Bowen's announcement that her three young sons watch her in the shower?

Bowen showed up on Conan O'Brien's show recently, and the conversation turned to kids -- as it so often does when two parents are chatting. Bowen has three boys, including twins who turn 5 later this month. And, well, it turns out her little boys like to sneak into the bathroom and watch Mom shower.

"They just sort of stare and wonder where it is or what's wrong with that. They feel bad for me, like I'm a freak," Bowen said of her boys examining her female body:

Sounds pretty typical of motherhood doesn't it? How many times have you read one of those SomeECards on a friend's Facebook wall about how she never gets time in the bathroom alone?

Alas, ye olde Internet can't see it that way. Folks over on the Team Coco YouTube account are claiming Bowen's sons have an Oedipal complex, and Crushable writer Jill O'Rourke can barely seem to type out the words "sons" and "penis" in the same sentence without having to run for her own (private) shower. In short: people are freaked.

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It seems the Modern Family star has found out what plenty of American parents find out sooner or later -- people just can't separate gender differences from sex. Not even when we're talking about parents and their kids.

In fact, when UCLA psychology professor Paul Okami studied parental nudity in front of kids back in 1995, he found more social scientists were referring to it as a form of "subtle sexual abuse." But according to Okami's study, there's no clinical or empirical evidence to support this concern. 

The fact is, if you don't act like nudity is a big deal, kids won't either. Our bodies aren't "icky," nor does nudity automatically equal sexual.

Some studies have even found that kids who grow up in homes where bodies simply "are" tend to be more comfortable with their own bodies ... and better sexually adjusted than their peers.

So cover up at home, if that makes you comfortable, but let's stop judging other parents who don't do the same, OK?

How old were your kids when you started covering up around them?


Image via Team Coco/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Tracy

This is sick. I know most people don't believe the bible nowadays, however, Leviticus 18:7 clearly forbids children from veiwing their mother and their father naked. Unless you are providing breast milk to your child there is absolutely no reason for him/her to see your naked body. And all that talk about "never getting time in the bathroom alone" is garbage. Here's an idea: If you want to use your own bathroom that you spend your own hard-earned money for alone, tell your children to stay while your in there and lock the door. If they disobey you, that's when discipline comes into play. Shame on her for allowing it to go on!

nhamp... nhampton401

Oh Tracy get the sand out. Discipline a kid for coming into the bathroom while your in there? Seriously? Kids seeing naked bodies is not the end of the world. It helps them learn. If nakedness is always so "sick" they'll never be comfortable with themselves. Remember that God initially intended us all to be naked all the time?! Maybe you should read Genesis sometime.

ncchicky ncchicky

5 is a bit old.  Lock the door.

missy... missybest

How silly!  Her young boys are just curious why mom looks different.  I was staying at my brothers house ofr a little bit when I was moving back into town.  I was in the shower and heard a noise.  I peeked out the shower curtain and there was my nephew - maybe 5 years old - trying to get a peek at me in the shower.  I just laughed and told him I would be out shortly.  How about he go wait in the living room for me?

We have these too strict prurient leftovers in this country.  I grew up with everything hidden, etc.  My sister used a wash in hair color once when she was in middle school.  My father freaked - she was called a wh*re, etc.  We were so confused about the difference between affection and sex, etc., by the time we grew up, it was ridiculous!  We must stop the nonsense so our children will love their own bodies, grow up to know affection is good and so is sex "in the right situations".

Instead of "normalcy", we have teenagers dressing like hookers out on the street!  Our soiety is so screwed up!

nonmember avatar Misty

Tracy.. It doesn't not say you can not see your mother or father naked... "'Do not dishonor your father by having sexual relations with your mother. She is your mother; do not have relations with her." seeing them naked is not sexual relations.

Natalie Voytek

Nudity doesn't equal sex. And if that's the only thing you think of with nudity, it's YOU who has a twisted mind. 

nonmember avatar Mama D

I have two sons - 4 years and 18 months and they see me naked all the time. Being naked in our home is nothing to be ashamed of. I grew up in a family where nudity was not considered sexual unless you were in a relationship. These are my children and I know when they grow up they will be comfortable with themselves. Being naked does not equal sex - it's a body. Get over yourselves!

Heather Capra

I agree with Natalie ^. Why are people so weird? A body is a body. It's the relationship that matters. 

lilly... lilly_girly2000

omg.... i just... i cant..... some of these somments are insane! its beliefs like these that cause children terrified of their own bodies and afraid to ask questions. if your not comfortable with your kid seeing you naked thats conpletely fine! and if you are thats fine too! its only sexual if you make it sexual and that is a completely different issue.

Whitney Bakken

Tracy failed to mention in her comment if she has children (doesn't sound like she does.) If she does have children, and she raises them based on her strict religious beliefs, you can pretty much guarantee that they will never feel comfortable enough to approach their mother to discuss their bodies, or, God Forbid, sex (GASP)! It's ok, though. I'm sure they will get accurate, healthy information from their peers, lol.

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